Monday, November 17, 2014



This time of year is confusing for a lot of Gods and Earths. For some it is absolutely not. I guess for those G's and E's who have completely immersed themselves in the culture and refuse to adjust or conform to the world around themselves, this time of year is no different from any other time of year. But I'm not one of those Earths. I live in BOTH worlds.

This was something my 7 told me I had to make my peace with once I got 120. Even though we share our lives together, we do have areas that are uniquely our own. He equipped me with the tools to stand on my own square while abroad. And that is one of the many reasons I appreciate him as a God and as an Educator.

There are holidays that exist in this country and at some point we have to ask ourselves if we are going to participate. I would think for this Culture to be 50 years old would make it easier to navigate because there are old people who have already worked out the details. You'd think that. But the reality is a lot of folks keep this close to the vest and don't allow it to translate to the rest of their families. But that's another build. I have this worked out in my life. So I thought I'd share How I do holidays. Remember, this is how I do it. You neither have to agree or disagree.

I observe all national paid holidays. I am an American citizen. I was born an American citizen. I am not a citizen of any other country, nor do I want to be. So when it comes to patriotic holidays, I celebrate. Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day... all that. I grill or travel to a grill, I even have a dedicated outfit that I where on these holidays. I also do Thanksgiving. That is a FABULOUS holiday. It celebrates eating, sports and gratitude. Who can complain about that? I suppose Native Americans can... and that's their right. But as for me.... I'm eating.

Christmas is another beast entirely. Christmas is a Christian holiday that secular people celebrate; unlike Easter. It's easy to avoid Easter. But Christmas... not so much. I don't put up a tree and I don't buy many presents. The only present I buy is for my mother. My mother is old and a ride or die Christian. She isn't changing her ways. And it hurts her when she doesn't receive a gift from her child at Christmas. So I buy one for her. That's my mother. I will spend the day with my family. It is one of the few days in a calendar year that they will gather. We don't do anything particularly religious. We eat, laugh, joke around, other folks will exchange gifts, eat some more and then disperse. One of my cousins has a degree day on 12/17 so we will linger for that and then it's a wrap. So that's a weekend of family. I happily do that. My family knows I'm not a Christian and it has stopped being weird.

I absolutely do Halloween. I do it. I love it. I dare someone to tell me candy and costumes are bad. I give candy to children because I remember the joy of trick-or-treating as a child. There are only a few religions who treat 10-31 as a revered day and precious fewer as a day to do evil to others. Satanists and Luciferians don't do bad things on Halloween. Anti- Halloweeners need to find some chill.

Stray days like Valentine's Day, St. Patrick Day, Cinco de Mayo etc. are on a day-by-day basis. If something fun is going on, I do it. If not, I chill. I like Valentine's Day. It's a romantic girl holiday. Yes the Facebook excuses of why should a dude have to do something on that particular day to me aren't valid. Dudes are just being cheap. I bet on their birthdays when they get a gifts and extra attention, they aren't complaining. It's the same premise. If there is a parade for St Pats, I'll go. I like a good parade. I'll even wear green and drink the green beer. I like margaritas and nachos on 5/5. This is the USA. And in the USA you don't have to be the nationality or ethnicity of a certain group to celebrate. Here, anything goes. But I never claim the other Culture and I won't be disrespectful. I just enjoy the fun parts.

I cannot tell you the last time I stayed up through New Years Eve. I used to insist on doing something, but when I was widowed it was a very painful time to be alone. I started sleeping through it and do you know what? I'm good with it. I even turn my phone off so that my sleep won't get interrupted with all the calls and texts that come in after midnight. The next morning is a good time to start reaching out to folks.

Kwanzaa....? Does anyone know how to celebrate Kwanzaa? I have all the pieces to set up a table. So I do that. We may build on the the Kwanzaa principles and how they coordinate with the day's Supreme math at dinner. That's pretty much it.

When I was a little girl I looked forward to a new Easter outfit... And I still do. I always get something new for Easter and my birthday. That isn't a religious tradition. It's a Serenity tradition.

Nation Days, like the Father's Bornday, Show and Prove and Day 1, I'll celebrate as they were. It's more of an observance than a celebration.

I actually celebrate the change of seasons. It's something I was taught to do a long time ago. It makes sense to me because as tenants of this planet it's important to keep in touch with the natural order of things. So I celebrate the Solstices and Equinoxes. For many Original Cultures, the spring equinox marks their new year. We also need to be mindful that depending where on the planet you live the seasons are different so one person's spring equinox might be another's autumn.

The bottom line is we are a show and prove Culture. For whatever reason you do what you do.... make sure your reasoning is sound and mathematical.