Sunday, November 9, 2014



9:14 says that we would permit the devil to come amongst us and do SOME trading.... Why are we permitting devils do it all? What do YOU have to trade? What do Original people in general in this wilderness have to trade? So who are you trading resources with?

I have a business card that says: Dentist, notary, seamstress and midwifery student... But no one is knocking at my doors. It's not 'trading' if you give it away for free.

Everything about 9:14 speaks to me about self sufficiency and the kind-heated nature of Original people. Self sufficiency because we are the ones who should be controlling... or as the degree reads... permitting... trade to happen. In this world, Power is synonymous with money. Moneyed people, have the best toys. Moneyed people have all the items to trade with and for. Money people grant jobs either by employing or using their resources to buy from others and enriching vendor pockets.

Also, according to the degree, clearly devils are segregated from Original people. So that is natural. But what isn't natural is them running the segregation process. him/devil still makes up 10% of the world's total population. No amount of eugenics towards us or birth bonuses for them have been able to change that 1 fact. When devils come around they are to be killed quickly, that is, unless they have gone under study. But if that work hard to strive to emulate us... i.e. become civilized... then they can come around. But if they fuck up... OFF WITH THEIR HEADS! Why is is we allow the devil to hold sway on every level of our existence. From the language we speak to the clothes we wear, to how we conduct ourselves in public. Yes we are kind hearted, but this permissiveness has gone on to a fault. We could benefit form knowing when to cut the devil off.

Oh how we have fallen.....

Just some thoughts that run through my mind while meditating on 120.