Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Here we go again


When it comes to politics and current events... I feel deeply. But I'm not one of these people who will dedicate a ridiculous amount of blog space to building on something that I know isn't going to change.

Racism is alive and well in the United States of America. White people have.... and ALWAYS had... carte blanche to kill Black people at will and face no repercussions. There is a underlying current that started back with Dred Scott and is still very much alive today: “The negro has no rights which the white man is bound to respect.” The only people who commit crimes and are promptly punished are people of color. White folks, not so much... unless they are Muslim. And that is the way it is. No amount of boycotting, marching, looting, protesting, is going to change that. Why do you say that Serenity? Because that is the way it has always been and those moves have been tested. They might have worked... a bit... back in the day, but the devil would be stupid to not have plans in place to counteract that now. Basically what I'm saying for the slow people is, “That shit won't work anymore.”

I am 44. In my 44 years, I've seen some things. I've had some experiences. My parents were as active in the Civil rights struggle as people in NJ could be. They didn't march in Selma because they didn't live in Selma. They did a temporary bid in the NOI. They boycotted all that they were told. They sent money to organizations that claimed to be using the money for “the Struggle.” They refused to buy their children anything that had a white graven image on it. They made sure that they were educated and sent their children to white private schools. How else are you going to show the world that you are an evolved Negro? My mother was a teacher and my father was a business owner. They thought they “cured” racism. But 10:14 & 34:40 is clear that racism cannot be cured.

The problem with the civil rights movement is that it was 1 sided. Black people wanted the things that white people had. They didn't want to be excluded from what was perceived as the “good life.” So all the movement was from Black to white. NEVER the other way around. Think about it.... Black folks already had their own schools but decided they wanted to be able to go to white ones. OK. So now white schools have AMAZING athletic programs that bring them ridiculous amounts of money while HBCUs struggle to keep their doors open. Even though more Black people go to PWI... more Black people GRADUATE form HBCUs. Bussing took the best and the brightest Black children and allowed them to go to mediocre white schools. The addition of talented well behaved Black children in their student bodies makes their ratings soar while back in the hood the ratings drop. Don't get it twisted. Your tax dollars will ALWAYS go tot he white schools before they the scraps they send to the Black schools. And when ratings drop, the government steps in and polices our babies... or shall I say, they indoctrinate them to think that government intervention is normal rather than the exception.

My parents... who were born and raised in the 1930's South Carolina... often reminisced of their childhoods and they unintentionally explained that even though they grew up in segregation, they had everything they needed. They had schools... good schools. Not the 1 room shack of barefoot Black children that you see in old devil publications. But Real schools. They even took me to the actual schools that they attended. And both my parents had multiple pairs of shoes to choose from. They had churches, salons, barber shops, funeral homes, clubs, repair shops, banks, hospitals, gas stations, insurance companies and any kind of store selling any kind of thing you wanted. They had their own “Main Street” or business district in their neighborhoods and had no reason to go into the white neighborhoods, unless they worked there. Contrary to what you see in the media, the majority of Black people, worked for other Black people at that time. All those Black businesses would need employees. So Black people were not only providing for their families but also the families of a given neighborhood by providing services AND jobs. My paternal grandmother was a seamstress and supported, with her husband, 7+ children in their own house on their own property. My maternal grandfather had his own fields of cotton and soybean and used hire folks to pick HIS cotton. So all segregation did was to force the white man to take our money. Who lost there?

I was a little girl in the 70's. I remember that there were still businesses that Black people owned. There weren't whole communities of businesses... like a Black downtown.... but they were out there. You just had to be adamant about hunting them down. There was “Fresh as a Daisy” cleaners, that was owned by a Black man. There were NOI restaurants and corner stores owned by Black people. Wilroy's and Esmereldas were corner stores that took my candy money. Black Hair salons, barber shops and funeral homes will always be businesses that Black people support. I suppose we would be uncomfortable if our hair and dead folks got fucked up. And white people do have different hair and I don't trust them to know how my hair does. Back in the 70's and 80's there was still Black owned places. But the Rodney King riots brought it to the conscious mind that that shit was all over. People put out signs indicating that they where “Black owned.” But there weren't that many signs up. And do you know why?Asians came in our communities and quietly bought it all up. And we LET them.

I have nothing against Asians, Middle Eastern people, etc... they are POC... having their own businesses. I really don't. I'm not that level of hater. But when they came in, they disrespected the communities that they earned their gold from by insulting them and treating them like criminals even before they had committed crimes. If I walk into a store and people start following me and making comments, I'm a be pissed. You would be too. That cause enmity between the people. And that ONLY benefits the devil if we all are mistrustful and in-fighting. These Non-Black POSs don't live in the communities that they serve. That's different from the way Black people did it. Folks knew where you lived because you lived upstairs from your business. Braggs lives upstairs from his funeral home. When you go in there, you see the stairs that leads up to his living suite. The other POCs come in, take our money while treating us badly and serving us lower quality and go back to their neighborhoods. They hire their own people. All they do is use us. But we allow it. That government indoctrination made us blind, deaf and dumb... basically... powerless to stop it.

There is a prevalent attitude that anything you buy from Black people should be looked on with suspicion. I hear my people say that they rather go to white man/business to get things done. Why??? to quote Malcolm X... “Who taught you to hate yourself?” Black folks can do anything white folks can. So why do we believe that a white person's goods and services are better just because they are white?

OK... enough of the jaw jacking. I was just striving to bring some clarity and history to my point.... As Black people.... we have to take back our communities. How do we do that. IN THE POCKET. We need to go back to self-segreation and do for self. I know it sounds very revolutionary... very ugly... very scary... very unChristian... but the integration hasn't worked. And it will have to be very Moses-in-the-desert. It will take a generation of doing for self to shake off the old ideology and indoctrination of the devil. There is no way that we can do any different as a group.. not just individuals... unless we break those ties. Example... Precise and I are very comfortable. We both have jobs, cars, live in a nice home.. we look prosperous. And we are. How do we as a family affect the collective as a hole? We don't. Just because we have It good doesn't make it better for anybody else. And because we work for other people, it could all be gone tomorrow.

There's about to be a whole lot of co-ops and collectives coming

Schools... We cannot start schools without the devil's involvement. But we can home school our children. I'm not talking about high school only graduate parents who read on the 6th grade level teaching the babies, but we can find people who have experience in different specialty areas and form an educational collective so that Our children can get the best Black centered education that money can't buy.

Economics... While we are waiting for folks to get their shit together and have brick and mortar business we can develop a system of bartering for goods and services that we use. You fix my car, I will make you a new suit. See how that works. Folks without greenbacks can still have nice things.

And when these brick and mortar businesses go up, we will support them and give them feedback. We won't be house niggerish and go look and if we see something we don't like leave, never go back and talk about them like a do behind their backs. My father used to complain about that all the time. People would come to his office, get mad at something easily rectified, leave and never come back. But they would never tell him so he could do something about it. He'd just be confused and wondering.

And business owners will give their absolute best to their patrons. And not treat them like a dollar.

We need to grow vegetable gardens. We need to learn how to can and put food up. We need to know how to make clothes.. and moonshine. We need to know how to build stuff with lumber. Seriously, do you know how to build a carport? A tree house? A doghouse? If the answer is no, you damn sure can't build a house to provide shelter for your family. Learn how to do something useful damnit! What happens if some apocalyptic event happens next week? Will you survive for even a month?

Personal Improvement: I suppose this should have been written 1st. But we die because of a lack of knowledge. I adore being Black. There is absolutely no shame. In fact, I'd like to be darker with nappier hair. Do you know why? Because I KNOW.. not suspect... not hope.. not imagine... but KNOW that Black people are the source of everything on this planet. I read. I study. I observe. I experiment. And I am willing to pass on what I've learned. But I'm not willing to fight folks to wake up.

Also stop looking to the government for life. You should NOT be getting your health care, your cell phone, your apartment, your food from the government. You should be providing that for your self.

And we need to have an attitude paradigm shift: We have to be nicer and more considerate to our own people. Old people cannot look at young people with disdain and yell at them. Young people cannot look at old people with disdain and think that there are not useful. We can't look at people with prison records and tell them they ain't shit. People with prison records have to accept that their options are limited and have to be innovative about earning honest gold. Black women cannot look at Black men and instantly judge him to be a dead beat dad a cheater and/or a potential abuser. Black men cannot look at Black women and only see a hole. Think all Black women are beneath them. Black men and Black women are EQUALS.

It's not about getting back at white people. White people are all about self-preservation. They look out for themselves. And we should look out for ourselves rather than begging and pleading the white man to look out for us. We expect them to do for us what we won't do for us. Does that sound right to you? Let's get our shit together because that is the only way we can end this cycle of abuse that we receive at the hands of the devil.