Friday, November 7, 2014

7:14 Lies I've Been Told


I probably built on this before. So if this is a repeat... my bad. It happens. And it will be a build mcnugget....

I hate to admit this... But up until maybe 5 years ago.... I thought all of Africa was savage. It's true. I was thinking it was all Tarzan and those people lived in huts sleeping on floors and wild hyenas were just roaming around at will picking folks off. Ridiculous I know. The parts that didn't have the animal savagery, were war torn with people fleeing half naked with bloated bellies who needed missionaries to save their immortal souls and bring clean water. And when I'd see African people here, I'd be like “I know your glad you're here” I'd hear people, Black and white tell me that maybe slavery was a good thing because we got out. And this is after me having 120! My late husband was a travel agent and Africa was a place that we we were in agreement about NOT wanting to go.

That was foolish.

I have come to learn that Africa is as modern as the US. Parts are the shit and other parts just shit... like the US. And do you know what prompted me to into that realization??? The Real Housewives of Atlanta. They took a trip to Africa and it wasn't jungle it was posh and citified. They were staying in a luxury hotel getting all pampered and eating well. The jungle part was a guided tour. That made me pause and do the 1 to Africa. Some areas are bush, but the people who live there know there are other options and many take the road more traveled. It's no different from how Amish want to live off grid or other Americans who want to live in the projects.... its a want. There are jungles and savagery right here in this country.

And then I came across the first sentence of 7:14 and realized... They got me. I fell for the okey doke for years, months and days. And I am not an uneducated or unsophisticated person. The devil does his work well. I, and probably you too, have lived in the US and been indoctrinated to accept lies. We are not the 'sole controller' if we function in a trap of lies that someone has set for us. I was watching some election commercials and I just want to scream at how campaigns put outright lies out there for the masses. And folks BELIEVE them. But who's responsibility is it to make us informed? Is it the people who want a job from us or are we supposed to do the background check on our own? If you buy a bag a shit from the elected officials, what do you think they will give you back? Doing the 1 for self is so important.

But doing the 1 isn't the only thing we need to do. We need to consistently take stock and self evaluate to find the places... the nooks and crannies... were foolishness and misinformation dwells. We need to find these spots and shine the light of Knowledge and Truth on them. And this is who we become our best selves. This is how we elevate. This is how we get out of the plots that have been dug for us. And it is our own responsibility to do this... no one else.