Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Understanding the Cipher

Math is neither God nor bad, pleasant nor unpleasant, desirable no undesirable. It just is. If emotion is added to it, it is because the individual chooses to add emotion. Supreme Mathematics is peculiarly no different. Today's Supreme Mathematics is Understanding Cipher abbt to Understanding. Understanding in perception based on Knowledge and Wisdom. Cipher is everything around you.

I'm at work (Cipher). My boss is a devil (Knowledge) I know my job and what my responsibilities (Wisdom) are. I surpass expectations (more Wisdom). He has freely and unsolicitedly expressed this sentiment on numerous occasions. As well as I do my job, as many expectations as I surpass, I should never forget that the devil is still out there and still doing devilisment. Never let your guard down, because you will be stung (10:14). That is their nature. They will try to use you as a tool and also as slaves (6:14) The will cause trouble amongst the righteous people (4:14). They cannot help it for that is who they are (2:10).

Now that I've been stung back to reality which is Truth. I can collect myself and my Justice to manifest my own desires and keep it elevating.


PS: I'm pissed! But I will channel that emotion into manifestment of my desired goal.