Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Show and Prove 2009

This weekend I attended my very 1st Show and Prove. I would be remiss if I didn’t blog my experiences. It was mad peace.

I saw old Gods that actually met The Father. That is surreal to me. I’m old and I wasn’t even born in The Father’s lifetime. I met Gods that I knew from online and brand new ones. I saw Gods that had no jobs and Gods that had Ph.D.’s. I saw teenaged Gods without parental supervision. And I saw Gods that brought the entire family. I saw comfortable Gods and hustling Gods. I saw Gods that had been former Muslims, Gods that had been former Christians and Gods that had always been Gods. I saw Gods in suits and Gods in throwback jerseys. I saw Abu Shahid and Azreal. I saw all kinds of Gods.

I saw all kinds of Earths too. I saw Earths in ¾’ths, and Earths in ½. I saw some with makeup and weaves, some with locs and clean faces. I saw little girls with longs skirts covering their jeans. I saw headwraps and heads out. I saw the 1st Earth that received a flag from The Father (again, a surreal experience). I saw Earths rocking the mic, and Earths serving the food. I saw Earths holding their babies and grandbabies hands. I saw Earths with “God Cipher Divine” shirts on looking like they meant business. And I saw some Earths with big grins on their faces.

Basically I have said all this to say, one cannot categorize Gods and Earths. Everyone is different… and should be. What we have in common is Supreme Mathematics and this Culture. But how each person manifests it is their choice. And I love that.

One thing I saw, that I wasn’t expecting to see was “Universal Love.” I’m a cynic when it comes to affections. I believe that Love exists but just as I don’t believe in unconditional love, I doubted “Universal Love.” I happily stand corrected. There was no mugging when I approached folks. Everyone appeared to be in a good mood. Now I might not have been in tune with any shadiness, after all I was a geeked to be there. But I had incredibly pleasant time. I’m planning for Show and Prove to be a regular addition to my calendar.

With all the differences between the Gods and Earths I saw has me thinking… And y’all know I often and love to over think everything. Since there is no rhyme or reason (or wrinkle or blemish) what kind of Earth will I evolve in to? I know that I am not finished. I never will be. And the Earth I am today will be different from the Earth I will be in 5, 10, 50 years from now. And what will prompt those changes? What contribution can I make to this Nation? And will I be willing to? I’m excited to see how all of it will unfold.


Precise… Thank you for never leaving my side!!!!!