Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Me and the 14th Degree....

You Know… I am kind of embarrassed to admit this. But I shall to mostly complete strangers….. I’m old school. Now I’m not just speaking about music (though I’m old school there too!), I just like all things old fashioned. For example…..

I love to cook… Real meals. Nothing makes me happier than to lay out all the ingredients for a dish or a meal and watch the process of taking it from individual items to a full meal. I love to see people enjoying the food that I so lovingly and diligently prepared for them. I do not own a microwave. I make my own bread. Hell, I make the starter too! I make my cakes and pastries from scratch. If you see a box of cake mix in my cabinet it is because some recipe required it and I just haven’t made it yet.

I love to sew. A lot of the clothes I wear are either sewn or rigged by me. I had to learn to sew when I was a youngster. I got top heavy early. Nothing ever fit and my mother was so frustrated over having to have everything tailored got the place where she was beginning to not buy clothing unless it was absolutely necessary. I had to make something happen. I got my 1st machine the summer I was 13 and I’m still sewing on it. Trust Kenmore!

If I go a-thrifting, my eyes are pealed for any thing retro and preferably silver. I have more silver serving items than one chick really needs. I don’t want to control this aspect in me. I love it. Doilies too! When I entertain, it looks like the 1950’s vomited in my dining room. I Don’t Care. I love it.

I wanna do a Samantha/Jeanie/June Cleaver (Black housewives were not allowed in the 1950’s) an meet the God when he gets home at the door with a martini, a kiss and dinner on the table. I wanna look into his eyes while he tells me about his day at the office. I wanna be a "Lady who Lunches" with a hat (or headwrap) and gloves. I wanna throw tea parties for the Earth Ciphers and Beaujie book club meetings that I never go to anymore. I love ALL things vintage, with the exception of my man.

Current females tend to be mean and hurtful with regards to my proclivities. I don’t know when it became shameful to know how to cook or sew. I have tried in the past to reach out to other women and spark an interest in my interests only to be met with ridicule and jokes. I'm not implying that every woman should be like me. Absolutely not! I suppose women would rather eat from a drive thru window in the car rather than shop and prepare a meal for their families. I suppose they rather buy every single garment of clothing that their families wear too. I suppose it's better to buy every single item in the house like curtains, chair covers, blankets and the like. That's tight and exat. I suppose the lessons that will be taught to the next generation is how/where/when to purchase stuff rather than how to make it for self and judge quality. Who am I? Just one Earth in the wind, enjoying the simple pleasures of old school living. But ask the God how he feels when I prepare the old school, Big Mama dinner after the rally.