Monday, June 1, 2009

Good Christians

I learned a hard lesson this weekend. I should have seen it coming; it ain’t like I ain’t had warning. But it threw me anyway. I will elaborate…

I met up with some folks that I used to church with. I honestly liked them people. One of the “Mothers of the church” is going to have some surgery tomorrow. And you know how us good Black folks do. We go over with some food, set ‘round and chat some. Just because I no longer go to a Christian church does not mean that I don’t consider myself friends with those people. But just because I feel that way doesn’t mean that everyone does.

When I arrived, everyone was happy to see me. Overjoyed would not be too strong a description. The preacher was there too. I smiled, joked shook hands and the like. No body was saying anything about me not being a member of the church anymore. Not until another older lady handed me an envelope to put an offering in it for the building of their new sanctuary. Damn. I smiled and put the envelope in my purse. That’s when all attention shifted to me.

Them: “Baby… What are you doing with yourself?”
Me: “Same old, same old.”
Them: “I meant have you joined another church?”
Me: “No ma’am.”
Them: “So why have you not been in church?” Mind you… I haven’t been there in a
good year!
Me: “I no longer advocate the belief in a mystery god or organized religion.”

Dead silence

After that comment all the conversation was lightly polite. Folks no longer engaged me in any conversation. It was clear they wanted me to bounce. When I took my leave, the pastor (are you surprised?) decided to walk me to my car. I knew what was up. We had a long conversation regarding the state of my mind and how my soul doth prosper. He said that he was well familiar with the 5% Nation of Gods and Earths. That he even wavered on the brink for a minute. He also agreed that I and church were no longer compatible. Everything betwixt me and him was peace. But not so with the church folks. I got soooooooo many phone calls yesterday regarding my status. These folks got all up and thru! They said a lot of un-Christianly things to me, and insulted me. WOW!

I left a church before under different circumstances. Me and that preacher had words. I lost all the so-called friends that I made there save one. Seriously. There was an older woman that claimed me as her daughter and another woman who claimed me as her sister. All them good Christian folk kicked me to the curb when I amicably walked away from there. And the disagreement between me and that pastor was private. His own wife didn’t know what transpired between us.

The point of this blog is how contradictory it is of Christians to ostracize folks who make other choices. I thought the goal of Christianity was to bring every human into the fold? I thought one of the tenets of Christianity was being nice to everybody? Unconditional acceptance and tolerance. Living in such a way to give the mystery God all the glory? Trying to clean oneself up to be like Jesus. If according to their dogma, I am sinning by making my own choices, shouldn’t they forgive me? I’m not just talking about the people on Saturday or the people at the other church… My own family has turned away from me because they claim I have turned from their Lord. WOW! This is deep.

I think what pisses folks of more than anything is that I am unashamed. Me having a different perspective somehow insults the one they hold. I have seen many non-Christians trash Christians. I don’t do that. If you like it, I love it. If you need a threatening old white man in the sky to keep you on the straight and narrow, go ahead. But I don’t need that type of motivation to do the right thing. But just a I don’t disrespect you, don’t disrespect me. And if I tell you that I am not coming back. Take my word for it (11:14).

I’m glad I came into Knowledge of Self. It has not just changed my perspective on who I am, but who other people are. The light is bright, and not favorable to all people.



Olu Graphic Designs said...

Me: “I no longer advocate the belief in a mystery god or organized religion.”

you are to the point and that is what is needed


Chi-Chi, The Original Wombman said...

I used to be one of the non-Christians who bashed Christians (I grew up in an Evangelical Christian household and I have seen enough hypocrisy and un-Christ-like behavior to last me at least 7 or 8 lifetimes). But these days, I'm with you: if you like it, I love it. I really do . . . I want all those around me to find peace and fulfillment in whatever path they take. I respect your walk. I just wish there was some kind of reciprocity. I wish that more Christians behaved like Christ and followed in his steps. It's so hard to not be defensive around Christians when you constantly feel attacked just for being who you are.

Anyway, sorry you had to go through that! I've been through similar circumstances many times. We need these situations sometimes to strengthen our stance and our beliefs and give us perspective and clarity.

Precise said...

Peace to the Earth,

The piece with the magnetic attracts and repels. Don't be surprised when the leader of a flock tells you they know about Allah's Nation. The sad part is they prolly not lying either, they just decided to go where the profit is and we all know that there is profit to be made in religion.

We're not referred to as "poor righteous teachers" for nothing. Clergy really don't think Jesus is the way. They think money is the way and Jesus is the ticket to that money. If nothing else those ole heads learned how the true and living get down so the next time they encounter one of us perhaps they'll be the wiser. ;-)


SV Allah said...

Peace Queen,

That was a post that I can certainly relate to. My old Dad is a big-time Chrisitian and when I told him that I got KOS he fell silent and kinda just went into that, "you have to make your own choices, but imma pray for you" kind of mode. Although my ole' Earth is more understanding after a couple of heated builds with me, she still believes in a mystery, b.u.t. she doesn't encroach upon what I deal with which allows us to keep peace. What kills me is how they do not try to find out who causes all of this to happen and take the mystery on face value. It would be different if they were doin' the knowledge and coming up with concrete math to show and prove what they deal with yet they don't, and resent the fact that we do. More power to them :o)

SV Allah