Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Obama Dropped a Bomb!

I like President Barack Obama. Probably not for the reasons you think.

Most white people think that all Black people love and support the man because he’s, according to some sources, Black. I love that he is a Black man. But to only have voted for the man because he’s Black is as wrong as voting against him for the same reason. Black people are more multi-dimensional than that, though they refuse to give us credit for it (not that we need it). There are a host of reasons to like this man.

First of all he’s intelligent, capable, kind, thoughtful, not overcome by his emotions, good looking, yada, yada, yada. But the attribute I most admire about this man… Is his Mastery over the devil!

The lessons I have up to this point (teehee), go on about how the devil learned that piece of trick-knowledge of Mastering the Original man. Why have Original people not given this same medicine back to the devil in grand style? I have witnessed Black folks playing white folks for fools, but it usually involves a slight degradation of the Black individual for it to work. That is not complete display of God’s power. President Obama has a way of disarming all the public insults that are launched at him without flinching. I suppose it has every thing to do with the fact that he was raised by devils, educated by devils, socialized by devils, yet never fell prey to the devil’s civilization. When given the choice, every time he sides with Original people. It may not be uber-apparent. But it’s there if you care to do the Knowledge

I am using him as my example and I am learning from his Wisdom, how to Master the devil. Y’all need to READ, not listen to the transcripts of his speeches. Take ASU for example. Them devils flat out insulted him, then invited him to speak at their graduation. I guess they thought he’d be angry and reject the invitation. The God (yes I said it) accepted, took that insult and made it the theme for his address. And them jokers were not offended. They actually applauded. Wow!

Any and every time a devil pushes against this man, he succinctly and decisively pushes back… Hard. Without them jokers even noticing. Gotta love President Barack Obama! Allah is God. Always has been, always will be.