Friday, May 1, 2009

Raising the Rod

Today is May 1st. My God has given information that in our tree we use the month of May to ‘Raise the Rod.’ Hmmmm…. I fasted already. And I had a bad experience with the Master Cleanse a few years back, I’m new in this tree, I am already walking a very healthy path, and a few more excuses I could give… so…. I’m thinking…. I ain’t doing it. But the emotion in His voice and His determination has caused me to reconsider.

What shall I do?...... Where am I lacking?...... What would make me a better person?..... What would improve my health?..... Oh the questions linger…. The God is giving up a LOT of television. I’m sorry. There is so little joy on my life. TV gotta stay. And He just got me a new one. Baby, that’s dirty! So for me it won’t be TV. I read a lot anyway, but I have decided to halt on the books for a minute to focus on my lessons. I have been fooling around and really not studying like I should. When I had to go back to Knowledge of Supreme Mathematics from the Culture Cipher degree of the Knowledge to Culture Cipher, I was a little salty; and have been begrudgingly moving through these lessons. So that is one thing I will focus on during the month of May.

Another thing that hit me early this morning was water drinking. I hate water. I know that we are supposed to drink half our body weight in ounces… yeah, yeah, yeah…. But we are supposed to drink all this damn water every day. No passes. That’s a lot of water. And as soon as you finish all that freaking water, you just have to start over again. Yeesh!

So for my Raising the Rod experience, I shall rededicate myself to the 1,2, and 3 of the lessons, and drink all that damn water. I’m a do it… I ain’t gonna be happy about it. I'll probably post the experience on my other Blog labelled Within/Without.

Alright. I already drank a 1/3 of today's water and I gotta go pee.



Precise said...

So what are you GIVING UP while Raising the Rod? Perhaps you could give up threatening to beat me? At least for a month? :-)

Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

Well lets see? Can you give up heckle-ing for a month?