Wednesday, June 6, 2012

5 AF:Flower Moon - Think Like a Woman!


May’s moon was a Super Moon. A Super moon is a full moon that appears 30% brighter and 14% bigger than a normal full moon. The source that I have been getting these full moon names from calls May’s moon the flower moon because flowers are abundant during this moon.

The Actual Fact that coincides with this moon is “Hills and mountains, 1,910,000 square miles.”

I will draw these up in combination to mean that there is Power in nature’s beauty of hills and mountains of women.

The slang for breasts and ass in our nation is “hills and mountains.” And 1,910,000 abbt Wisdom…. The Black woman. I have no problem acknowledging another woman’s beauty. I do no fear that it diminishes my own, nor am I afeared of being called or considered a lesbian. I know a few lesbians; I don’t meet the criteria for membership. But a woman should be able to offer more than a beautiful countenance and a shapely body.

Yes, your appearance has Powerful magnetic, but it’s a weak charge. Once possessed, a man can easily tire of it, or find another more beautiful. A woman must posses other traits that will show forth her Equality (5:SA). She could be intelligent, she could cook, she could sing like an angel, she could keep a clean house, something damnit! Otherwise when the bloom falls from the rose… and it will… there will be something left to keep said charge STRONG!

Enjoy the Show and Prove! Look for me there. I Blog While Brown too.