Wednesday, May 30, 2012

This is a New Season

Peace. Way back in the day when I first became exposed to this culture (1980’s), there was ONLY one way to get at this. You needed someone to walk you through the degrees. During that walk your educator/enlightener should explain the way we interact with each other and the traditions of the Gods and Earths. For women it was a bit different. Women in the 80’s weren’t really encouraged to learn 120. Your God taught you he thought you needed and that was it. I remember how I used to go with the boy who lived across the street to get his degrees and never had been offered nothing but advice to cut the ‘pork’ (Jheri curl) out of my hair. Nowadays, if you tell an 85’er or devil that you are God or Earth or that you are in the NGE or are a 5%’er, if they have never heard of us, they won’t ask any questions. They will Google us. When we are googled, folks will learn all kind of things about us… We are criminals… You have to do a bid to become God…. The women are all shell shocked and beaten by the Gods…. We are a gang…. We hate white people…. We killed Michael Jordan’s father. You know what else can 85’ers and devils get from the internet regarding our culture? Supreme Mathematics, Supreme Alphabet and 120. Once this information is downloaded… Once the books are bought…. Why is the motivation for them to seek us out? Do they need us for anything else? Now you and I both know that this is some pure devilishment. You KNOW that just having possession of SM, SA, and 120 is not enough to call yourself God or Earth. We know that (a) it must be memorized, (b) it must be lived (c) it must be understood and (d) our duty is to the babies. But you aren’t going to get that off the internet. Our culture was not meant to be expressed in a vacuum. It was meant to be expressed in a community. The Father called 9, not 1. We also know that we aren’t like religious people (for so many reasons) in the fact that we don’t proselytize. If you want it you have to ask for it. We will make ourselves known for God is seen and heard everywhere; but you have to ask us for it. All this being said….. We have to switch up our approach because there is a new generation of individuals who play with our culture and are jus begging for universal justice and don’t even know it! Used to be you just couldn’t receive 120 without fasting a few days, and making it clear to your would be educator that you are serious. And I’m a be real, SM and SA are easy enough to remember. If you are having a hard time putting something that you already know (you already know numbers and alphabet) on cap, then you are a dumb ass and you will never earn a flag. So 120 is the thing. There are internet ciphers popping up all over the place. I know, I have been invited to join. These folks have a convoluted impression of what it means and what it takes to be true and living these days. It’s mixed diluted and tampered with. It’s run by individuals that never walked and talked with physical Gods and Earths. Yet they feel perfectly comfortable in representing our Nation. There was a God that came to one of the Allah’s Garden parliaments with a cd with his picture on it claiming he was G.O.D. When he was tested, he was found lacking. Not just lacking, he had no idea what Allah’s 5% Nation of Gods and Earths is. When it was suggested that he go under instruction of a real God, he declined. He felt like what he had and knew was sufficient. Back in the day you know how that would have turned out. Bu this isn’t back in the day. You just can’t beat folks down anymore. They don’t realize that it would be rude to call the cops. What can we do about the internet? Not much. We can’t stop people from slandering us. We can’t stop people from putting our lessons out there. But we can make ourselves a stronger intense presence. When we see the foolishness we need to speak and squash it. If you got this the right and exact way, you should be able to show and prove. Another thing is we aren’t as present in the musical genre as we once were. Brand Nubian, WuTang, Poor Righteous Teachers, Diggable Planets, etc are no longer relevant in this age. These new artists reflect sex, consumerism and materialism. This is not the conscious 90’s. So we need to stop looking to that sphere for representation. In this day and age, we have to show forth and prove our value. That was hard for me to type because when one is inherently valuable one shouldn’t have to quantify it. The explanation diminishes said value. But value cannot be applied if one doesn’t know you exist or recognize the value. You feel me? We need to be seen and heard under our own flag. Our ways and actions have to be positive and most importantly be public and attributable to only our Nation. Not so we can receive Yakub’s shine but so that we can make ourselves positively known in ALL ciphers. I rest in Allah’s Garden. This is the Bible belt. Folks give much gold to the preachers here like Eddie Long and Creflo Dollar. They give the little preacher good money too. There is a church on every corner. Folks already don’t want to give up white Jesus, but they will absolutely not give any credence to something that’s not balling out of control. “Oh you want me to come to one of your meetings? We they at? The park???? You serious???, Naw shawty, I’m busy on Sunday afternoons….” There are loads of Original colleges here too. But they are even harder to draw up. Think about it… you are say, 18 19 years old. And all you know is Jesus. You meet a man who calls himself Allah who has no car, no job, no address and he wants to turn you on to a different way of thinking that he claims will free you…. Free you to do what? Be broke? I’m not criticizing or minimizing my nation or my people’s accomplishments. What I am saying is the time has come to change the conversation. Not change the degrees or the traditions. Change our approach. We can’t build on the corners like we did back in the 80’s. Folks will just cross the street. We can’t strong arm and beat folks down. We can’t exclude women from the struggle. Protecting the Earth sounds good to my ear, but that doesn’t mean lock me in the basement and only let me out for breeding and feeding. We have to do better. I know this is for everybody, but everybody ain’t for this. But you don’t want to exclude those who it is for because we weren’t doing our duty to reach them. Peace


Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

Carmello Anthony is allegedly "God". I guess that's our new cipher. The sports arenas. Imagine rich muggs with KOS......