Wednesday, May 2, 2012

4:AF/Flower Moon

Peace, I am almost caught up! April’s Full moon is known throughout the Cultures that keep track of this sort of thin as a planting moon. This moon marks the time when people take the agricultural process outside. Indoor/outdoor gardeners like me sometimes often start vegetable plants indoors in March. The April moon marks the time that I would normally plant my seedlings in the ground and allow the Earth to do her thing. Trust me, the ground and the rain has more experience and information than I do. And because of the name of April’s moon, I’m thinking I’m not the 1st to recognize this. The Actual Fact that corresponds to Culture is “Lakes and rivers are 1 million square miles.” Now I have been watching the cable show River Monsters. I have learned from that show that lakes and rivers aren’t completely danger free. In fact they are very dangerous. Crocodiles, alligators, snakes, catfish, nasty bacteria and other things makes me rethink dangling my feet in the local river. Also, I have the unfortunate experience of having lost a god brother to a river when I was a child. So even though lakes and rivers have fresh drinkable water, that water can be tainted. These two different concepts merge for me when I consider our NGE culture. 47 years is a long time, but not that long. It’s sweet, nourishing, ever growing, but can be dangerous. We have Gods and Earths who where born into our culture, but the way we draw people up for the most part is through our magnetic. Now I may be biased when I say this is the best culture and EVERYONE will benefit from seeking the truth and living authentically Original. I find my beloved culture as refreshing as spring water when done correctly. But we know that isn’t always accurate. I would love to say that our culture and our people are warm and fuzzy and there is only love and affection when we come together. I would like to say that, but that would be a lie. Our culture is like any other culture. We have the same problems and issues that affect any other culture. BUT I will say that when folks live mathematically it doesn’t blow up as bad as say Judaism, Islam or Christianity. We have yet to start a holy war or treat folks shady because they aren’t us. But not everyone who professes to live this culture, is. That may sound judgmental, but I have the right to see things as I do. Some Earths don’t do 3/4ths. I really can’t see that. Whatever excuse some chick comes up with can usually be easily refuted. Earths have few requirements when it comes to our nation; why can’t we do 3/4ths? I’m just saying. Some Gods and Earths let their 120 go. Now I know it’s easy to do. I have caught myself on a decline once or twice. But I live with my God and we have a way of holding each other accountable for the lifestyle so that never really gets out of hand. 120 is 9 pages (the way I have it printed). There is no reason to forget your degrees once you have them. Some Gods and Earths are only righteous last Sunday of the month between the hours of 2-6pm. The rest of the month you call them by the names their mothers gave them and they show all the hills and mountains they want to show. Some Gods and Earths just don’t understand what encompasses this culture and refuse to live it out. And that is were the waters get murky and danger waits. One of the traditions (for lack of a better word) of our culture is violence. I’m neither proud nor advocating this violence. But I do understand it. Violence is an effective deterrent of bullshit. So when bullshit rears its head, violence takes that head off with no chaser. This keeps folks in line. Is it the best way? No. But it works. But I am concerned about the seeds being sown and the fruit that results from it. I don’t see the violence as a throwback to slavery. And violence is used all over the planet as a deterrent. But it seems like righteous grown folks should have other tools in the box other than frank violence. I’m a leave it there. Peace