Tuesday, April 17, 2012

3:AF/Worm Moon


I have been remiss with my monthly actual fact building. It’s trifling of me to be in that error since it was my idea! I will beg your pardon. So let’s get on with it, shall we?

The Indian Ocean is 29,321,000 square miles. Peace.
March’s full moon is called the Worm Moon. Peace

Wisdom Born Understanding Wisdom Knowledge Cipher Cipher Cipher is abbt Build/Destroy through Knowledge God (which happens to be today’s Supreme Mathematics).

The Worm moon is the moon that heralds the end of winter which brings forth the Asiatic New Year and spring possibilities.

I see these to correlate that One can be successful (29:40) when one Understands (3:SM) one’s Universe (21:SA). Yeah, I’m dipping and dabbing all over 120 for this one.

Within personal ciphers/Universes, the only constant is change. Yes you will get things were you want them, only to have them change irrevocably. You think you will live in a home until you die only to find that you have a better opportunity in another state. You think that the major you labor for will yield you a job in said field and that is often not the case. Ask a person in their Culture Ciphers if their life is as they planned in their Wisdom Ciphers or younger. Chances are, it’s completely different. So the only thing on can depend on is change.

Change has 2 sides: a change for the better (Building) or a change for the worse (destroying). Even that is relative. The best way to be successful in your undertakings is to strive to direct change for the positive. That’s all you can do. I bear witness that intended positive direction can lead to negative repercussions. But at the end of the day, I know my intentions. And if I intended good and received.. not good, I will still be able to sleep well at night.

So there is my build, y’all.