Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Finishing What you start


I don’t like anything incomplete. I swear I don’t. I don’t like incomplete gifts. Don’t give me a top with no bottom unless I request it like that. If I do, chances are someone else is giving me the bottom part. I don’t give incomplete gifts either. If I purchase something for you, I do the entire outfit or I won’t just give you anything but my regards. I complete what I start. Even to my detriment. I can’t sleep well if I leave something undone. That’s just how I am. It’s innate. I was like this before KOS. And it has everything to do with today’s Supreme Mathematics Wisdom Cipher abbt to Wisdom.

Wisdom is wise words and actions. Cipher is completeness. I draw this up to mean that your ways and actions need to yield completeness. Meaning when you work, it should be toward a goal and you should work it until it’s done.

How many people have you seen go and come in the various ciphers that you frequent? I’m not just speaking to the righteous people out there. It seems to be a human failure to make promises that you don’t keep. (It’s no mistake that 11:14 is abbt Wisdom) When I was a church person, I’d see people get born again, join the church, join every auxiliary and then back slide into oblivion and never be seen or heard from again. Church people are so desperate to increase the rolls that they allow to happen over and over and over and over…… It happens with us too. People come into the cipher, promise to do all this work and bounce. That is not completion. The words/promises may be wise, but they did not yield a completed result.

We need to be mindful to guard against that type of behavior in our own selves. Notice I said own selves and not others. You can’t control another person’s behavior unless it’s your under age child. You can do that by doing the knowledge before giving your word.