Thursday, June 28, 2012



This year we have had 2 righteous brothers return to the essence in the Allah’s Garden cipher. Those deaths and peoples (5%, 10% and 85%) reactions, have really allowed me to cee how my perspective on death has changed.

When I was a Christian I believed in a glorious afterlife where I would be reunited with my 1st husband, uncle, Daddy, grandparents and childhood dogs. There would be no tears, I’d be eternally happy in my white robe with my white wings and halo. I would walk on streets paved with gold, sit at the mystery god’s feet and sing, eat and be happy for ever and ever. Amen! I believed that shit into adulthood.

One of the hardest things I had to face when I came into Knowledge of Myself was the fact that when we die, there is nothing waiting for us. There is no pie in the sky, there is no heaven, no hell, and there is no eternity in a box. There is just nothingness. Our degrees, 13:40, speak on this. I know folks do better and sleep better by thinking that there is a reward to come after death, or that their loved ones are waiting up yonder to be reunited with them. But that isn’t me…. Anymore. And that didn’t just come about overnight. That paradigm shift took some time.

But I see Gods and Earths who have had KOS for some time behaving like religious people. Saying shit like, “I know we will see each other again.” Or, “I know he is here with us right now.” To me that makes no sense. My understanding of returning to the essence means, your physical body breaks down into its elemental constituents. Now we know that doesn’t happen to most of us anymore, because people have to be embalmed because of hygiene laws. But we all know that bodies aren’t going to reanimate. “…In all the history of Islam it has never been revealed of a man returning from a physical death…” So what’s up with all the sentiment?

Folks can argue that it’s not the physical body, but the spirit and mind of whatever animated it in the first place. But tell me this before you argue that…. Where did it come from in the first place? Mind/body combo cannot be separated. When one is gone, so is the other.

Also… this is a pet peeve of mine…. Having return ceremonies in churches. I get that when many of us return, our families have no idea how to mark the event. What happens is the most responsible person in the personal cipher is usually a Christian or some type of religious person and we have these ceremonies in a church with a clergy person speaking on our lives and culture. Now this next statement may be highly judgmental but I’m not really caring... THAT IS SOME BULLSHIT. How are you going to spend years, months and days living out this culture only to return in a church? That is NOT mathematical. That is being unprepared.

I often wonder why this happens. I suspect most of the time it’s because we don’t educate our families about the culture. They don’t realize how inflammatory having a church funeral is. It’s the antithesis of all we build about. Letting a 10%er speak words on our behalf indeed. You think he is going to leave out the mystery god? Also we don’t have commitment rituals… and we don’t need any. But if you are true and living, you face reality. The reality is that we all will all die one day. We need to have insurance… Literal insurance to bury our Original asses. We need to have folks putting us away that know and understand our culture. Why not just cremate us and spread the asses then have a memorial moment. Is that not what the Father did? It is unsettling to see so many of our people being spoken on in death in a fashion they themselves would have never allowed in life. And that foolishness about the church is only a place, and the pastor is really speaking about the Gods? Really? Then why didn’t you sit your ass up in there every Sunday like a good Christian?

I’m just really spent and irritated at this moment. But it has sparked some planning in my Kingdom. The God and I have discussed what we want done when we die. And we have gotten life insurance so folks don’t have to beg on our behalf and hold fundraisers to properly put us in the ground.

I hope y’all taking note.