Thursday, January 27, 2011

What's in a Name?


This comes up from time to time, usually in a physical conversation… How did I come about my name?

In Allah’s 5% Nation of Gods and Earths we take on names that this significant to us. For the most part we take names that match our curriculum. Not Muslim/Arabic names. Some people do. But it has been said that Allah asked his student to not take Muslim names because we’d be confused with adherents form the Nation of Islam. That may be a myth or an urban legend. But I do think it is an appropriate practice. I have a hard enough time convincing folks that I’m not a Mooz-lim or an A-Rab.

My name, in its current incarnation, is Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth.

On March 15, 2008 I was granted my name. Many choose there own names. I was given my name. My original educator wanted to name me Fatima. Fatima means one who abstains. Ummm….. Why? But the meaning on the name wasn’t my issue. It was the fact that I knew a chick named Fatima. And we don’t speak. We have bad blood. I had no intention of answering to that name. My educator became insistent and we started arguing. And he said, much more loud voice than I’m used to being spoken to, “Earth, what you need is some Serenity, and so you will remember….”

Fast forward to 2009. I am now under the loving care and instruction of my God. The name thing comes up. The God remarks that I am anything but serene. He does remark that I am sincere with my determination to live out this Culture. BOOM! Sincere is part of my attribute. Peace is the Family name I share with Precise.

Now the Love…. Precise says all the time, that Love is not an appropriate attribute for me. He say’s I love who I love (him, me, Trinity) but for those I don’t, I don’t. He’s right. But I still say it is appropriate. My original educator had Love in his name and added that attribute to all his students names. I’m guessing that Precise doesn’t care for that. But I don’t push it because I want to keep it. Not because I have unresolved affection for my original educator. I only ever saw him in the physical a few times, and he was NEVER my man. But because Love Hell or Right is probably the most accurate description of whom I am. I love. But love is often hell, but always right. Love is complex, involved, required constant work. Love evolves changes, grows and wanes. Love is most sought after yet most elusive. Love is good. And that’s me.

So…. Here I’m is!

I’d love to here how other folks draw up their names. Leave it here in the comments or email me if it’s too personal and you only want me to know



SupremeVictoryAllah said...


I come in the name of SupremeVictoryAllah. Supreme borns God which is who and what I am. Also, I took it because it is synonymous with the understanding equality keys the Father gave us with which we unlock 120 (SA-26&SM-10=36). Victory borns culture and the culture is I-God so by living it out I claim victory and overcome trials and tribulations in this wilderness. Allah borns god and once I showed and proved the build points of light on our universal flag I confirmed that i'm said person of the ability to manifest as God/Allah.