Saturday, January 1, 2011

January's Challenge!

Peace Family!

The God and I did a Kwanzaa observance. We wanted to know if it was something that we wanted to incorporate in the cipher. I can't speak for him, butt I didn't find it too unpleasant. I'm thinking that we will have to change it a bit every year so that it doesn't get stale. It has high staleness potential....

Anywho... One of the recurrent themes within the spirit of the observance was to interact and or do business within our own people's community. I have decided to support a "hood" grocery store for 1 month.

There is a Big Bear in my neighborhood. It used to be a Winn Dixie, then a Save-A-Lot, then closed, now a Big Bear. BB reminds me of all the previous incarnations. Not that I really shopped there. Only if I was in the area anyway and needed something small. I do walk around the mall it's in, so sometimes I would go in there for some water. also my mother likes her ethnic swine products; pickled pigs feet, pickled eggs, and ribs. they sell all that there. I can be boojie. If I go into a store and the product isn't up to par, or the customer service is shitty, or the clientele is ghetto, I will not shop there. I have a job, a car and high self esteem. I don't take shit from folks if I don't have to. Any folks. That doesn't just apply to my own people. I'm not one of those people who will buy something to prove I can afford it. This supermarket is GHETTO! But I have been intrigued with the concept every since a former Facebook friend asked if folks could stay healthy purely shopping in the hood.

Now, I don't think Big Bear is a "Black owned" establishment. There is one in South Dekalb Mall and the West End. I don't EVER remember a "Black owned" supermarket. EVER. Maybe a corner store, but that was back in NJ. Here in the Garden, Not so much. Also, I don't live in the city of Atlanta. Those historic shopping venues aren't really an option for me. For many reasons. (1)I need to support business in MY neighborhood, (2)I don't want to be forced to drive more than 25 miles to grocery shop (because I do it everyday), and (3)Fulton county has a higher sales tax than my county. Big bear it is.

So here are the parameters of the challenge....
I will shop there for most of my household groceries and such.
I will still shop at specialty shops, like the Asian market and health food store.
If Big bear doesn't have something, I will look for it in an equally hood store.

I'm not sure the outcome for this challenge. But I do know that every employee I've ever seen working there is Original. So supporting said store, keeps them employed. And... I would like a little for insight in "hood" relations. Contrary to popular belief, I'm not really all that gully.

Here goes nothing....



Flying Mermaid said...

Good luck with that, darlin'. You crack me up (high staleness potential, etc.) and I adore you.