Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Applying Degrees


I remember when I was a newborn in this Nation, and my educator used to tell me to make the degrees applicable to myself. I had no idea what he was talking about. I mean it was already a difficult realization that I would have to memorize all the degrees as well as my assigned reading and keep my job. Now I had to make them mean something too? Well yeah! Isn’t that the point? Duh???? I was a baby and didn’t have any Understanding to the what and how.

When 85ers view our Nation, they see, but they don’t know. There is a lot that goes into being God or Earth that folks don’t grasp from window shopping. It’s not about getting a cool name or wearing your head covered and shunning swine. Folks get caught up in the magnetic of the Culture and want to be down. In order to have magnetic of your own, you must put degrees on cap and make them applicable to your own self. If you can’t do that, then you might as well stay at your level.

Another thing that I used to hear a lot, especially when I was younger, was that this Nation is not for women. That we have no place here. I beg to differ. If we have no place in this Nation, why is it called Nation of Gods and Earths? I recognize that this philosophy is not unlike trickle down economics. You get the men to do what is right and exact and it will affect the entire family unit. But that works only if the women are receptive. Fertile soil. Why not teach both man and woman, so that you have an equally receptive woman to partner with and Build a Universe upon.

I heard a seasoned Earth make a comment that she didn’t see herself in 120. Really? I might be a little off, but I counted 31 instances of the term “Earth” being used in my 120. And each time, it’s capitalized. Compared to the 27 instances of God/Sun/Allah combined. How can one say that Earths are excluded from 120?

So let me bring this full circle… Zig Zag Zig it if you will…… This is me making 1:10 applicable to me… an Earth….. (Not going to quote the degree. You should know it if you have just a teeny bit of 120)

Knowledge starts with Self. Knowing who YOU are. With that information, you can move on (a gradual progression like Supreme Mathematics) into relationships with others… My Father/Mother (Primary relationships). My God/consort (secondary, but necessary relationship that keeps the wheel turning). My child (Again, another Primary relationship[Zig ZagZig]) And the cycle/cipher/circumference continues because the easiest way to renew your history (ala 1:40) is to take a single step.

See how it works?

We shouldn’t be teaching our fruit to be parrots but encouraging them to manifest in their own way.