Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Not Completely Bad


I want to say something nice about my hood grocery store experience. I wasn't all bad. I guess.

For example... The store has the most extensive supply of canning products I have ever seen in one place. I have done a little canning in my Koran. I don't know why they call it canning when you put stuff in glass jars but who am I to complain. I would have to run around to find all the things needed to put up the bit of canning I did. And it was hella expensive. Well at Big Bear, their canning supplies are reasonable.

Also, they have an extensive amount of do it yourself shoe polishing products. I don't know how I feel about that. Are they saying that Black folks like to have shiny shoes or that we are still in the shoe shining business? But last week when I ended up in Publix, I checked to see if they had saddle soap and they didn't.

Another thing I found interesting was that the produce they did have was nice and fresh. Or maybe sort of nice and fresh. There was a gentleman ( I say gentleman because he was the only employee of the store to speak politely with nothing to gain) who was pulling out the not so fresh produce and repackaging it cheaper. Hey, maybe some people would rather have spoiling produce at a decreased price. I ain't mad at that. I remember when I used to be a Christian and the church would get produce that was old. It didn't suck. I would have bough that at a store if it was discounted. I buy the discounted YDFM's produce. And I know it's discounted because it's about to be tossed.

See? I'm taking the best part.



The Original Wombman said...

I love this post . .. the attitude behind it. It's wonderful to at least try to find the positive . . . even if the general feeling you get is negative. There's always some light.