Friday, March 27, 2009

Earthly Limitations

The previous blog got me thinking. Then a thread in a forum I frequent has kept it close to the forefront of my mind…. ¾th’s Hmmmmm….?

As an Earth, I adhere to the 3/4 restriction. (Dividing my understanding with my Culture) I choose to cover 3/4th’s of my body when I’m outside the house and/or in front of people I wouldn't ordinarily undress in front of. I do it because as an Earth I represent the planet, I display my chosen culture and for modesty. I'm fine enough to need not put my goodies on display. Ok. No big deal. But further research into other cultures that have a female clothing restrictions (Rastafarian, Islamic, Jewish, etc.) have me re-considering my own display.

Right now, I keep my head covered (I have found that I really like this aspect), wear (for the most part) only skirts/dresses outdoors, no make up (I‘m still not over this part yet), no perms but locs. I previously stated that I have no problem with this. I actually like it. I know I could wear my hair out, but right now I’m feeling my scarves/wraps/hats/whatever. We’ll see what happens with that in the future. But these Muslim women have taken hijab to a higher level.

Google ‘hijab’. There are so many proud fashion conscious Muslimahs out there putting up pics that have me actually wanting some of that. There head coverings are different from the way Earths usually cover their heads. I tried to google the restrictions of hijab and from my understanding they must cover all but their faces, hands and feet. Nothing tight or form fitting. Ladies rocking the purdah style can only show their eyes. I’m not so interested, nor is it necessary to be so restrictive in the purdah style, but some of that hijab is really really nice.

I wear my skirts/dresses passed the knee, sometimes to the ground, sometimes not. I don’t wear tight clothes on general principle. But, apparently, I wear my garments tighter than the muslimahs. And I don’t cover my neck. Not planning too either. So, clearly, there are some differences between how we do it. And there should be since we aren’t, to my knowledge, fashioned after them.

Another thing is the Earth babies? When should they begin to observe 3/4ths? Always? After the onset of their menses? After they have made a personal decision to add on with our Nation? And what about wigs? Jewish ladies sometimes wear wigs in lieu of a head covering.

So these are some of my thoughts on a Friday after-evening. How do y’all see it?