Friday, March 20, 2009


I went on back to knowledge with the God. Okay, I accept it. How hard could it be? Answer: Very! Not because the God is a hard taskmaster. But because now I have to go through the process of unlearning and relearning. Difficult to say the least. His lessons are different from my original lessons. It is hard to remember to swap speak for talk, or add over, or when does exact come in. It was easier when I learned them the 1st time. Now it is a more difficult road to maneuver. I know I’m just bitching. Isn’t that what blogs are for? But there is a good side. He his giving me far more information and attention than I originally got. So I guess it’s a trade off. I probably should be wishing that I started originally with Him. But then the possibility exists that I may not have appreciated as much as I do now. This is still a one way ticket.

Happy New Year!