Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Public Face of our Nation

I have said this before on numerous occasions, usually to people who are not listening or who quickly dismiss what I have said. The path is not easy for a woman in this nation. Why? Because we are the public face of this nation.

When you see a God walking down the street, how do you know that he is a true and living God? You wait for him to say it. Oh you may infer it by his actions or the skull hat with the tassle but how do you know? He has to tell you. But when you see an Earth... If she is displaying 3/4th, then you know without speaking to her that she is Earth (If you know what an Earth is). Why? Because she has her head covered in a non-Muslim way, most of her body is covered, and she is not wearing makeup.

I appreciate the sentiment that this woman has put out there. She is not part of our Nation. She is a Muslimah that wears a hijab. But she has the same issues that I have found with the 3/4ths. The looks, the comments, the questions, the preconceived ideas. And I'm not saying that I have a problem with it. I have come to really appreciate it's intricacies. I'm just saying, it's nice not to be alone.