Thursday, January 22, 2009


Today’s mathematics is Wisdom Wisdom abbt Culture/Freedom.

Wisdom -is the wise words spoken by the black man, black woman and black child. Wisdom is the black woman who is the moon, because she receives her light from the sun which is the black man and reflects it on to the star which is the black child. Wisdom is the manifestation of one's knowledge.

Today is Earth/Sisterhood day!!!! Whoo Hoo! I alluded to taking this day as a personal day in a previous blog. But what I’m about to get into is slightly suspect and completely how I cee said situation. I’m going to free speak my thoughts…

I find Gods to be misogynistic. Now clearly I’m not speaking about ALL Gods. But the ones I am speaking of seem to be the loudest of Gods. Makes me wonder what was their purpose for joining this Nation. Certainly not Nation building through the seeds, ‘cause last time I checked… 1+2=3. I just read a perfectly good and consistently provable post in a yahoo group, and was heartened by it. Then I read the responses and was sickened all over again. I am subscribed to Nation groups on MySpace, and I see the same foolishness. Men taking every freaking opportunity to publicly degrade Original women. It ain't Right!

I really hate this one

Why do the Gods feel like it is their right to talk smack about the Earth? Emphatically now cipher. We are family! We need each other. I’m not saying that Gods need the Earth to be Gods, but we make it easier. And seeds come only through us. You cannot exclude us and still call your Nation complete. You cannot berate us, deny us knowledge mistreat us and/or treat is like second class citizens just to make your self God. If that’s what it takes, then you are not God. Queens build alongside the God. Not above, behind or underneath. I could vent all day, but I won’t. I'm going back to my personal day. I’ll just stop as I started.