Friday, January 23, 2009

Today's Mathematics:Wisdom Understanding abbt Power/Refinement

Today’s math has me thinking about Michelle Obama and her role in her husband’s presidency. Her role is not that of the President of the United States; though she is equally as qualified as her husband. Her role is to maintain their collective universe. There in lies her power through her refinement.

Mrs. Obama’s role is to support her God and raise those babies in the public eye. They being the first Black First Family means that they are going to be celebrities for the rest of their lives. All the trials and tribulations that come with family life will be visible for the entire world to look at and judge. I for one would not want that life. The thought of being publicly ‘out there’ makes me very nervous. But Mrs. Obama is a beautiful Original woman of distinction and grace (and my soror, btw) who I am certain is up for the task.

She does not appear to have the common frailties that will other 1st Ladies had that caused them to fall into the devil’s uncivilization. Most 1st Ladies are invisible unless there is something about them that makes the reporters angry. Laura & Barbara Bush… invisible. Hilary Clinton was too smart and not ‘wifey’ enough for a lot of people. Nancy Reagan absolutely adored her spouse and that came across in a big way, but other than her affection for Ron and her hilarious catch phrase of “Just say No” that was it for her. Rosalind Carter was criticized for a diplomatic trip she made for her man. And Betty Ford had the dubious distinction for being a drunk.

She has been compared to Jacqueline Kennedy. And whereas I can see why this comparison is as accurate as the devil media can get, it will be lost on the masses. I’m a huge Jacqueline Kennedy fan and my research has found her to be capable, educated, devoted to her husband’s presidency and to her children. She often wrote her husband’s speeches. She spoke at least 2 different languages other than English and I suspect that her father, John Vernou Bouvier III (aka Black Jack) probably had some cut in him.Y’all do the knowledge.

I’m just very excited to have Mrs. Obama in the position she is in. I never said, “I never thought I would see the day….” I knew I would. But I assumed that the first Black president would be married to a white woman or at least a light-skinned Black woman. I am tickled that she is portraying sisters to the fullest Equality.

How am I going to incorporate this into my cipher? I will use her as an example of a successful, competent accomplished mother of civilization. Maybe not to be completely emulated, but as a mentor.

Go Michelle!