Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Why does the devil wish to come amongst us?

This is going to sound terribly racist. And I really don’t care. But…. I don’t like devils living in my neighborhood.

Let me share some background. I absolutely and unequivocally do NOT live in the ‘hood’. I live in a neighborhood of strivers. We keep our yards clean, maintain our homes and keep the drama to minimum. I chose to buy there. And it wasn’t any cheaper than other communities either. I have never wanted to live amongst devils, not even in a mixed community.

I have a friend from Now Justice who moved to the Garden, who absolutely had to live in a mixed community. She was worried about her property values and school systems. She moved out in the sticks too. White folks here are different from the white folks in NJ. She took her family to a community of 75 homes where only 3 Original families lived. My question is this… With whom will her babies share their social equality? Why does she want to subject herself and her family to that foolishness? A couple of Christmases ago she put out some decorations on her front lawn. They were fine for a few days and then one day she returned home from work, with her babies in the car and they had been vandalized with racial epithets. I don’t have this problem in my neighborhood.

But my problem is this… I have noticed that there are more and more devils coming amongst the Original people in my neighborhood. They are buying homes and getting comfortable. I see some riding the bus. When white folks coming into Black neighborhoods, that is a sign of gentrification. They don’t come to build with us. The come to destroy us and move us out. Normally they start in the poor destitute communities where homes go for the low low. Another reason to be offended. My neighborhood is not a slum. They send their men 1st to start casing the locale. Then the women and children follow. Then they start renovating. Between the renovations and the new white childen all of our taxes go up. If their children have to be educated in public schools, devils make sure they have all the money they need. Then they start the process of claiming the neighborhoods for themselves…. They start jogging. At first it’s just the men doing it. Carrying sticks. What for? They claim it’s for stray dogs. Dogs recognize and don’t attack their own. Then the women start jogging with either their men or their dogs. Have you ever noticed that white women jog with little to no clothing on? Even in the dead of winter? But sooner or later, surely and eventually, these white women feel free and comfortable enough to run around with no protection whatsoever. That is the sign of the end.

Now when you have a party, the cops (new white cops) will come and break it up no matter how quiet you are. That car in your driveway that you don’t drive, but you keep it clean or covered now must be moved. Your animal that everyone knows and has roamed your neighborhood unmolested since you had it now either gets picked up by animal control or causes you to get a citation for ‘running at large.’ This is them running us out. The only way to stay is to conform to the rules of the neighborhood. Never come outside, don’t have people over, don’t try to speak to them or observe how filthy they are in all their affairs. Who want s to live like that? And our folks too blind deaf and dumb to cee what is going on. We have the hellish misunderstanding that ‘white is right’.

What am I gonna do? Well… I love my home. I’m going to take the steps to make sure that I can afford to live in my home as long as I choose. And I will take it upon myself to start warning/educating my neighbors. We are community and we are gonna have to act as such if we want to preserve the best part.