Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Reason for the Season

Every Christmas I hear the Phrase that Jesus is the reason for the season. I have to shake my head over the foolishness. The season would occur with or without Jesus. That is weather, not religion. Also, I am noticing that more and more folks are wearing white, real white, not winter white, more and more during the autumn and winter months. Now I am an advocate of grown folks doing precisely what they want to do. That is the value of being grown. But be mindful that we live on this planet. And as free residents we should be living in harmony with our benefactor. Follow me on this…

We have, in this hemisphere, 4 distinct seasons; spring, summer, autumn and winter. Spring and summer tend to be the warmer seasons and autumn and winter tend to be the colder seasons. The reason you don’t wear white during those seasons is because white is a cool color that reflects the light away from the body. Now that’s cool when it’s 90* but not so comfortable when the weather is 14 below. So that is the reason for white prohibition . Nobody is trying to hinder your style. They are just trying to keep you warm.

Also, you clothes need to not just change with the season, but your diet as well. Heavy foods like potatoes, meats, starches, etc. are great in the cooler months when their isn’t (a) that much light and (b) that much food available. They keep you full and sleepy. In the spring and summer when the weather is warm, you need to consume more water to stay hydrated. Enter wet foods. Eating juicy fruits and veggies is like drinking water.

We have become so disconnected from the planet that we no longer know and understand (like how I threw in today’s Supreme Math?) the reasoning for the change in seasons. The Asiatic New Year is just not a time for getting your ghetto party on, but a time for you to reflect and start thinking about what the change in season means, practically. Spring cleaning is a traditional activity because it marks a moment when you switch over from your cold weather ways to your warm weather one. And it just changes you mentally.

So do I wear white from Easter to Labor Day? No. I wear it from The Vernal Equinox to the Autumnal one. And I strive to eat in season too.