Tuesday, March 13, 2012

2:AF - Snow Moon


I was having a hard time drawing up this build. But through circumstance I have clarity for how I want to impart this degree and tie it to the Snow moon. Pardon my tardiness.

The Atlantic Ocean is 41,340,000 square miles. Water is often given a female attribute and combined with emotions. But water is one of the most, if not the most powerful force on the planet Earth. Water is required, and bathing or swimming in it is considered a pleasurable experience. But water is responsible for the formation of the Grand Canyon and has killed the majority of the population of the planet at least once. So I’m thinking. Maybe you want to tread lightly with water.

The Moon in February is considered the Snow Moon or Hungry Moon because it is the month that traditionally receives the most snowfall. That same snowfall keeps hunters from hunting and gatherers from gathering. Hunger is not an unexpected occurrence during this time. But Chinese are more hopeful by calling it the budding moon. The plants are beginning to come back and that means we will eat once more. Hope arrives in February. February marks the beginning of the transition from winter to spring. The days are getting noticeable longer and the early flowers begin peaking through. Who’s heart doesn’t melt at the site of the a tree blooming.

The Mathematical break down of 41,340,000 has 2 Cultures, a Knowledge, an Understanding and 3 Ciphers that born Understanding through Knowledge Wisdom. I take all of this into consideration when I draw this up to mean that those of us who Know our beloved Culture Understand that it has dual nature. We are a peaceful group of individuals that is… until you fuck with us. Then you see the other side. And I don’t see anything wrong with that.

When Allah started his work to civilize the 85, he was initially rejected. Then he changed his focus to those who no one wanted to touch because of their level of griminess. That undercurrent still exists in our Nation. You do something disrespectful and despicable, be prepared for someone to go to your head. Why shouldn’t this be the way? It keep you relatively honest. And the Christians/Muslims do this. They just don’t serve their own justice. They wait for a mystery God to punish folks once they die. Why should people expect to do dirt to others and be embraced in a warm current of love? You want that? Join a church. They love anybody with no respect of person. That is not me however. Nor my brothers and sisters.

The Atlantic Ocean expresses great duality. It’s the 2nd youngest and the 2nd largest of the Earth’s Oceans. It exists with warm currents as well as cold ones. I allowed the devil to obtain great wealth at the price of Original people (African slaves & Native Americans). It houses the Bermuda triangle and is responsible for the Gulf stream. This is a wonderful yet perilous Ocean. The same as my nation.

Embrace the duality of the moon, the seasons and my Nation.