Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Asiatic New Year!

Happy Asiatic New Year!

At 5:14 am Eastern Standard Time, the wheel/calendar turned and now it is officially Spring!!!!

Many of the 85 ciphers in which I travel, think that the name think that the name is a joke. It’s not. And those of you reading probably know and understand, but I feel like I need to make Knowledge Born for the visitors. She here we go.

Most ancient Cultures do not recognize January 1st as the beginning of their years. Why would they? Julius Caesar isn’t important to everyone. That’s like saying everyone writes with the same alphabet or numbers. (If you think they do, you need to do some more research) A lot of cultures use the seasons and the moon to document the passage of time. I would stand to reason that the beginning of spring is a good time to mark the beginning of a new year. Not the middle of winter. The date of the Equinox to mark the transition is reproducible via the constellations and location of the Sun.

Many people these days still celebrate the Vernal Equinox, though they don’t realize it. Easter is a ANY holiday. Easter is calculated to be the 1st Sunday after the full moon that falls after the ANY. ANY has to come before Easter. Passover is scheduled on the 15th day of there month, Nissan. Jewish months are based on the moon. And Nissan always starts on ANY. Zoroastianism starts it’s new year with ANY with it’s holiday Noruz. Pagans celebrate ANY with Ostara. ANY marls the Ba’hai New Year, an d Nyepi in Bali. Higan is a Buddhist holiday staring on ANY and Tunisian Nation Day is on the equinox. And the astrological year start with Aries. You know when Aries begins? Can you guess? Also… the Sphinx, Stonehenge and many of the South American Pyramids are oriented to greet the Sun on the Asiatic New Year. That’s a sampling. There is more. But I will leave that in your capable researched hands.

Peace to the Gods, Earths and ALL the positive people in the Universe. Time to get your party on!!!!!

Happy New Year!!!!
Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth

P.S. I was up at 5:14 this morning, just waiting......