Thursday, March 15, 2012

The One that Got Away


My morning commute to work got me thinking. I was looking for some music and I like to fancy myself a songstress. Not just any ordinary-sing-in-the-shower person, but one capable of being a professional backup/background artist. (I will take Tamar’s work if she doesn’t want it) I’m too shy to headline. Don’t sleep, I can belt one out like Whitney (PBUH) when I am at the top of my game. (Healthy and young Whitney. Not Crack-is –whack Whitney) But alas, my range is small. I use gospel music to keep my voice seasoned. It was that gospel music that sparked this build.

Christianity is flawed. Super flawed. And will NOT survive. I know that it has survived for 2000 years. But as more and more people step into enlightenment, it cannot co-exist with truth. And when is Jesus coming back? How long will these people wait? What is your contingency plan if he leaves you behind? I mean you might be at the club when the horn blows? Will you hear it over the music?

I went under 120 instruction in January of 2008. Prior to that, I was a DEVOUT Christian. I say devout, because I did everything that a good Christian does. (a) Go to church every time the doors open. (b) Tithed 10% of the gross of my income. And (c) served on as many auxiliaries that I had the time, money and energy to devote myself. I didn’t come into KOS in 2008. I did that decades ago; but I had no true way to express it that would be user friendly to the people in my cipher. I had a husband and family that were more important to me than the public expression of my mindset. Also, you have to admit church provides folks with outlets other than spiritual. I was able to sing, get dressed up once a week (I don’t club) and I had friends with whom I could share social equality all in one place. All I had to do was work for them and pay admission.

What I am now willing to admit is when I went under instruction, I wasn’t completely sure if the righteous lifestyle was for me. We do have an aggressive reputation. It’s not pretty and I am very bourgeois. I didn’t want to cut my ties with the only spiritual entity I had ever known. Also, I wanted to give the mystery god a chance to make himself known. So…. For nearly my 1st year of being righteous, I went to church, celebrated all the rituals and traditions and stayed super busy with auxiliaries. Even though I was attending services, I still considered myself a NGE newborn. I was studying my lessons, doing my assignments, wrapping my head, observing 3/4ths, stopped makeup, and so on. Covering my head presented the biggest challenge yet the biggest opportunity. These church people saw me transform, yet said nothing to me about it. NOTHING. Eventually, it got to the point that I could not remain. The inconsistencies became too apparent to ignore. I bounced. What did NOT happen was any kind of retention from the congregation and/or the pastor of the church I attended. And that is the Flaw in Christianity. They are well able to draw folks to the faith, but can’t keep them.

Christianity is big on proselytizing. They want every human to be a Christian. But they have nothing in place to ensure those who become Christians, STAY Christians. All they offer is insults like backslider and heathen. The people I went to church with, had ample time and opportunity to persuade me in their direction. Truth be told, I was looking for it! But there was nothing. Even when I resigned no one called to ask why. Not even the pastor. One female did inquire, and we had lunch and built about my decision to leave not just the church, but Christianity as a whole. She seemed relieved that it wasn’t because of the specific church. She understood explaining that she had a transformation of such, which changed her way of life from that of her truly dysfunctional family. She and I are still cool.

So what happened? Why didn’t any one put up a fight to keep me in their faith? That just doesn’t seem right. I was a perfect church member. I did have a group of people from a previous church try to reconvert me, forcibly. But Serenity likes a good fight. And I’m not sure they realized that until wigs were flying. I mean invading my house and hitting me on my head with a Bible is not going to bring me back into the fold. Quite the opposite. Quoting scripture won’t help either, because I can quote scripture too. I did a bid, I mean a semester in Bible college. But these people were extremists. The most I got form regular Christians was, “I’ll pray for you.” SMH. Is that all they had? I carpooled for the entire 4 years with a minister who never said anything to bring me back. I come from a family with plenty of ministers and evangelists and they haven’t done anything either. No, I stand corrected. They no longer interact with me. Only my mother (an evangelist) interacts with me. Actually, that’s a win/win because all they ever did was ask for money anyway. A former friend once said to me that she had nothing she could say to me. It’s not that I didn’t already know everything she knew. She also said she needed to stay away from me or else her walk with the mystery god might become affected. Or did she say infected? WOOOOW….

I am in NO way advocating Christianity. But I am saying that Christians need to do a better job if they want to remain relevant. They are getting sloppy with their excess and abuses. Folks aren’t keeping that stuff quiet anymore. Churches used to be vital to the community. But that has changed. I have seen churches that have prostitutes loitering in from of them. And they don’t chase them away. I know I wouldn’t allow a prostitute to sit in front of my house. But I suppose they are the mystery god’s children too.It’s a very recent trend for the educated media to blast education. The 1% (or 10%) knows that as people become more educated they throw off shackles of foolishness and begin to think for themselves; and religion is foolish. Education and religion cannot peacefully coexist. That’s why religious cults advocate going to the “Benny Hinn School of Healing” rather than medical school. Eventually folk will awaken and leave that foolishness behind.