Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Racism Question


Yesterday was MLK Day. One of the things I have noticed is the bile and disrespect that MLK receives. BUT…. He gets it only from a certain demographic.

I’m not concerned about white supremacists who don’t like MLK. They are a non-issue. They don’t like anyone. I am more concerned with Original young adults who have a skewed view of the world.

I was born in God Cipher the youngest child to parents born in the mid Understanding ciphers. I had, and still have friends whose grandparents are the age of my parents. I’m really thinking that people have completely forgotten what the US was like when MLK was doing his thing. Jim Crow was no joke. My parents experienced this first hand. So when they disseminate their experiences to me, it’s not like it’s from a text book it from them directly. I get to see and listen to the fear and shame they felt at the hands of white people. And it’s not like these white people set out to hurt their feelings, but my parents experienced a lot that I hope to never go through. All their friends have the same experiences so I know it was widespread thing and not just one person’s incident. Do you realize that it was illegal for folks to marry outside their race up until 1967? Google Anti-miscegenation laws . Jim Crow laws were allowed to stay on the books until 1967 as well. So be extremely mindful that our people’s oppression was not that long ago. And you can see the evidence of racism now a days. My mother and I got into an argument this morning about ID cards. I don’t get the hoopla. If you want to vote get an ID they aren’t hard to come by and they aren’t expensive. I can’t vote without ID, nor can I be in a car with someone and the police pull us over without ID, nor can I walk down the street and the police ask for ID and I don’t have one. But she went to that place….

Now what I will say about MLK and his ilk is that Black folks wanted to end the abuse they were receiving at the hands of white folks, but weren’t completely clear regarding what they wanted or what was even feasible. It is impossible to legislate that a racist person has to have a change of heart. But you can legislate laws to protect the people they target. IMO that is all you can ask for. What the civil rights struggles did was to force white folks to partially interact with everyone. No longer could the devil discriminate on the basis of appearance and get away with it. He could on the basis of finances, of location, of education, etc. But not race.

The thing is, what the civil rights people wanted was for Original people to have the same opportunities as white folks. They did have those opportunities. But it was separate but equal. There were Black schools, and Black neighborhoods, with Black businesses (more than we have now), Black doctors, etc. It was that Black folks had to get these things from Black sources and no where else. And if you look at it from a different angle, white folks could only get their stuff from white sources as well. The ancestors did all that marching to allow their children to interact in ciphers that they couldn’t. Well they got said desires. I earned my doctorate from a white school. I currently am employed by a white company. But am I better off than my parents? They both graduated from college. My mother earned a master’s in the 70’s. That was unheard of for an Original and especially for a woman. My mother makes more retired than I do working. She lives in a white subdivision, drives an Audi and swears that all the white people in her neighborhood want to lynch her.

The problem with that is it never ‘cured’ the problem. It just made the problem go underground. I won’t even say dormant. It is now unpopular for some people to speak racism publicly. That is not a cure. That is a bandage. Not even a good bandage And I don’t have a suggestion for an answer either. Because what lies at the core of the problem is the inherent supremacy the devil feels superimposed with the inherent inadequacy Original people feel. How many times have you seen Original people feel like they made it when they have white jobs or can move into white neighborhoods, or have white friends or can patronize white establishments etc. By feeling like whiteness is synonymous with correctness will always keep Original people down.

Last night the God was watching anime and the images of the people in the movie where not Japanese but that of devils. I asked him why that was, I was thinking maybe it was marketed toward white people, but he told me it wasn’t. Makes you wonder does it not? Why do Black women permanently straighten, not temporarily, permanently straighten their hair? Why do Black people strive to wear pink lipstick, blue eye shadow all while becoming bulimic? We hate ourselves. That to me is more of a problem.

Yes we can go to their schools, but 1 + 1 = 2 wherever you go. I did both. I can bare witness, no one loves you like the Black schools do. So…..? We can eat in white establishments and not have to go to the back. We can ride anywhere on a bus. We can drink from water fountains. Ok. Well are there truly integrated schools? I went to private schools until college and the other students looked like me, though the teachers did not. And this was supposed to be elite. I have worked in a few middle and high schools and they were either or. We aren’t as integrated as you think. Some things stay separate…. Beauty salons barber shops, churches, funeral homes, schools, neighborhoods, etc. back to my initial point, it is illegal to discriminate on the basis of skin color.

We have not overcome because the overcoming was and still is all in the mind. Until both parties, Original people and devils come to that understanding, things will always be the same.



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