Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Do I have to call Doubleday Myself?


Frustration sparked this blog….

I have been browsing online… as you are… for a few different topics. And the internet, being as vast and as comprehensive as it is will have an answer if you ask a question. But it doesn’t always give you an answer in the perspective you look for…

Say I search for “pregnancy blog”…. and no I’m not claiming anything…. I could find hundreds of them. But add “Black” or “African American” (with or without the hyphen) the front of that same search and you come up with some utter foolishness! You get teen mom statistics, abortion statistics, ads for planned parenthood, etc. None of that ooey gooey stuff that you get without adding a clarifier. Do Black people not have happy healthy pregnancies? We must or we wouldn’t be here.

The God gave me an article for Useful Land in regards to his DIY deodorant. He said, “Post it on your blog because I couldn’t find any righteous people doing this.” I’m certain other Black and/or righteous people are doing this, and probably blogging this. But I/We can’t find it. And why is that? It's not because I haven't looked.

A few colored women’s blog that I follow, have been offered book deals for what they post on their blogs. Are the things they are posting new and unheard of? Now Cipher! Their writing is not superior to mine. (We all have spell check) Their posting frequency is relatively the same as my posting frequency. Yet they are writing books and I’m not. (And I am not saying that I want to author books.) What is up with that?

Folks would have you believe that Original people are very one dimensional. Nothing could be further from the truth. We DIY, We do fashion. We sew. We garden. We do EVERYTHING colored people do. But for some reason it just doesn’t get out there the same way. Only the gansta/ghetto/country/music stuff gets out there; like that’s all we do. The only Original blogs that I see that get major shine is the political ones. And I think that is because it gives racist white folks a place to complain to a group that they think might be listening.

Well my mother has always advocated that, “You should be the change you seek.” And that is why I keep this blog and others. Not that I am going to get a book deal, but I am making Knowledge Born that we are here, computer literate and doing thangs!