Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Lessons Don't Lie!


I have been trying to blog for a minute now. I have some personal drama that is sucking up all my energy… FOR REAL! But I am gonna get on the good foot… Eventually….

I was having a build with a newborn recently… And don’t you love it when newborns just know more than you and they can’t even call for their degrees at will?.... And I said…. That I cee 120 literally rather than metaphorically. Do you know this chick thought she was gonna check… me? Really?

Yes I am aware that some of the numbers in 120 are off. I was required when I walked through the curriculum to validate all the numbers found within the degrees. But the ‘offness’ is probably attributed to human error in the course of disseminating the degrees. I know there is a lot in 120 that cannot be absolutely proven. But it hasn’t been beyond reasonable doubt been disproven either. Pluto is not a planet anymore, but it’s still out there at 3 billion 680 million miles from the Sun. But as I continue daily to exist I cee these degrees showing and proving themselves to be right and exact.

The equations in 120 work. But if you’re not mathematically inclined that’s a limitation that YOU have that you must put in the work to overcome. The Earth Does spin 1037 1/3 mph on it’s own axis. And the Earth is 93 million miles from the Sun. the other planetary calculations are true as well. T.H.E.M. had a 3rd grade education but managed, in 1933-4, to come up with these jewels. And you, with your education and degrees want to argue that this is a useless tradition? Then why have you come amongst us if you have no respect for 120.

I was at a parliament where everything got twisted and funky. A she-devil was the source of the discontent. The Culture degree of the 1-14 literally unfolded before my eyes. There were some new people there and I started quoting said degree under my breath as it unfolded. The visiting 7 heard me and laughed as he agreed.

Destroying him in 1 day without falling victim to the devil civilization refers to not literally some unknown Original alien (because they would be the only entities who qualify to have NEVER fallen victim to the devil civilization on this planet) force will kill all the white people in 1 day. No. But to come into the realization of you are and what your origin in this world (another degree) happens in one moment of one day. And you are forever changed.

Killing 4 devils does earn me a pin to wear on my lapel. Or perhaps a peaceful look on my countenance. Though I have literally earned a flag to wear on my lapel. And my free transportation to Mecca… or a place of peace happened too. Or maybe a free ride to the parliament when my car wasn't working to see my brothers? Is that literal enough? The colored man is current still 1:11 Original people. Still.

I could go on and on and on and on…. You could and I hope you do add on in the comments.

These examples may seem figurative, but they are only figurative until they become a reality in your life. That is the moment they become literal. Daily these degrees become more and more real to me. So I take offense when people want to slander them by saying it’s not real. When what they mean to say is it’s not real to them… yet. Keep living and studying your lessons. You will learn.