Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I came to Build!


What is the science good people? I’m in a playful mood today. This is not a Build all full of doom and gloom. I must admit I’m a better blogger when I’m pissed, but I can blog when I’m fair to middlin’. Teehee. OK. Onto the build….

Righteous people, I have a question…. What is your definition of “Building”?

Let me tell you why I ask…. A few years ago I was included in a hot and angry internet e-mail back and forth. And One Earth said to another, “You know we Build every month!” Earth II said, “No we don’t. We just talk on the phone once a month for a few minutes.” Hmmm…… Lately, I get requests from newborn Earths to BUILD and I say, “Alright go ahead” and don’t hear back from them or they leave subject too vague for me to respond. Hmmm……. And my God is fond of saying, “I’ll Build with you later.” He has always kept his word to me so I suppose I’m getting built with later. But we don’t necessarily discuss degrees. So clearly the word Build has a plethora of meanings.

The Oxford dictionary defines the word build as “v. construct by putting parts of material together; develop or establish.” At Parliaments/ Rallies, the G’s and E’s stand in the cipher and give their interpretation of the days Math and or degrees. The common Supreme Mathematic definition for Build is adding on that which is positive. So my take on the word Build is if you are doing something positive then your Building. I call my blogs Builds because I’d like to think that I’m doing something positive here. I have another blog for BS sessions. I don’t gossip or talk about the latest happenings on the Tell-Lie-Vision. I’m making Knowledge Born to the world or at least folks that read my blog about my experience as an Earth in Allah’s 5% Nation of Gods and Earths. I Build.

But I can see where regular everyday conversations can be considered building. Even the sweet romantical ones. As long as one is moving towards a positive direction, I see that as Building. If you are learning something useful, I see that as Building. But not all learning Builds. I googled the recipe for crack and not only found one, but found a pictorial tutorial. That is definitely NOT Building Even though I learned something new. And I’m not perfect. I read a lot of celebrity gossip. I browse some less than reputable sites. And when I do, I don’t call that Building.

It does beg to ask the question of why don’t we call foolishness, “Destroys”? Why don’t we say when people post buffoonery all over their blogs that they are Destroying. Or when you hear some stupidity slip from a politician’s mouth you say, “He dropped a crazy Destroy!” I guess it can go one way but not the other. Usually when I hear righteous people refer to the 85’er, they call them the “Destroy Powers.” Though some call them “Build Powers.” I hear more of the former than the latter.

So tell me how y’all cee it. And for all y’all new Earths that wants to Build….. Be prepared to drop it!