Tuesday, July 13, 2010

True and Living Earth... Part II

In a previous post, I stated that I had already begun the process of "cleaning myself up" prior to me going under 5% instruction. That is very true. I stopped eating meat a decade ago, stopped perming my hair around the same time. I stopped wearing pants approximately 5 years ago, stopped wearing synthetic fibers (with the exception of bras) on my body and in my hair. I was in the process of ceasing to smoke cigarettes when I started instruction. I had a few cartons in the freezer and I knew that those would be my last. I was gully with my smoking. Stopping smoking led to me stop drinking. Currently, I am a very cleaned up individual. I have worked hard on this and it has been a process. I'm not sure if it was easier to give up drinking or weaves? And I do miss my cosmetics.

But saying all that does not mean I got nothing positive from this Nation. Some folks feel that's what I was saying. That says a lot more about them that they feel that's all this Nation has to offer. No, I'm not back tracking my previous post, I still see it as being accurate. I'm adding on. Consider this part two....

It is not difficult to see the need to externally refine oneself. Even devils do this. There is a whole hippy like movement that includes devils - yoga, raw food, meditation, environmental consciousness, etc. So as an Original person, I inherently heeded the call to refine my body and lifestyle without KOS. I mean I didn't have to look any further than my own family to see that I will fall victim to the plethora of health problems that runs rampant in my family. I made many decisions solely based on my folks. Also, I'm a doctor. I have been trained to perceive and prevent illness. So it doesn't take Supreme Mathematics or 120 for me to see that I was living in a way that was going to be detrimental to my health in the long run and take steps to change and improve it.

What this Knowledge did for me was allow me to recognize and not to fall victim to situations and bullshit that I had previously advocated. All of the superstitions and spookisms I can see that from a mile away now. I don't get confused about who I am and what my role is in this world. I am no longer fearful of acting because of some future retribution by some fickle abstract being. Nope. I no longer govern my actions based on what the astrologer, soothsayer or preacher tell me is going to happen. If I want to speak to God, I call him on the cell.

I'm reading a book right now that is not supposed to be a religious book, but is. Before, I would have taken the words on face value and believed that this is how this modality is supposed to work. Not any more. I recently read another book that challenged a information that I had long ago accepted as fact years months and days ago. This knowledge has suppressed a normally violent and quick temper. Anger management therapy couldn't do it, it just made me angrier and how to hide it from others. Which makes it go internal, fucking up my health in the process. I have learned that whatever I read, am told, advised to do, and so on should be followed up with my own personal research. Mine. It's not the responsibility of others who are trying to sell me a line of bullshit to prove that they are correct. That's idiotic. It's like people who are purchasing a car who take the carfax report from the dealer and believe it. SMH. Later, after the warranty wears off, they are surprised that they have been deceived.

KOS is keeping me from falling for the interorientation.