Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Serenity Laughed... Actually she cracked the hell up!

Peace Y'all,

3 days ago, I had an announcement dream.

An announcement dream is a dream where some entity comes to you with a big announcement. Or at least big to you. I dreamed of a coal black, bare chested older man with white pants holding a machete in his left hand. i didn't see what he had in his right. My foot board is really big. He came to tell me of the impending birth of my son. He came at the right time. Just as I was awaking. Not asleep but not fully awake. Makes it hard to claim dreaming since I was kind of awake. I was laying in the bed next to my God. I should be all geeked since we are trying, per se, to have children together.

My Dad claimed that he had several announcement dreams right before I came into the world. He said that it was me coming to him telling him to make me. Funny, I don't remember doing that.

Two reasons why I'm not thrilled.

This is not my 1st announcement dream. I dreamed years ago of a little girl who called me "Mommie" in the very same location at the very same foot of the very same bed. I lay in that bed alone at the time, and girl child was ever born to me. Secondly, The God and I were just discussing divination and visions. Why is it that some people seem to have the ability to forecast the future and have supposedly supernatural talents. He scienced it up so nice that when said, so-called vision came to me, I was lightly disrespectful. I was like, "yeah, yeah..." And started asking all kinds of questions that had nothing to do with the subject at hand. Hell, Why not? You have a being come to you from where-the-hell-ever and you don't seize the opportunity to ask questions? Teehee

He bounced.

We'll See.....


PS: Cool points for folks that get why I titled this as such