Monday, July 19, 2010

Level Disrespect!

I'm pissed y'all. Really pissed. Pissed in a way that's not good for the 85 or 10%. I feel like chopping some heads. Let me tell you what had happened....

Couple of months ago I was facebooking and I came across an old friend from NJ whom she and I had drifted apart. She was my 1st best friend. We did most things together. She lived one house away from me. I don't have to go into the stuff that you do with your friends when you are a kid growing up. Do I?

Well over the months she and I have rekindled our friendship. Cool. She was my best friend back in the day, but I was cool with her whole big family. My brother and her brothers are still mad cool.

Anywho... She, her sister (1 year older) and her mother came to the Garden for a religious event. Her sister moved to TX 22 years ago. I haven't seen her since 1988. Her mother has been very ill and has been bouncing from child's home to child's home so I haven't seen her either. My friend got into town later than expected. So if we wanted to see each other then I had to be the said person of that ability to make that happen. And I am a local. So I go over to the hotel where everybody is to just take a moment to build with her and her people.

When I get there, there is lots of hugs and kisses (that's impressive for me because I don't generally touch people) lots of you got this'es, and you look the sames. There where a few you look like your mothers. Not real happy about those. But after a minute it was clear if I wanted to continue to share there social equality, I would have to sit through their church services. Y'all see where this is going?

I don't have a problem with church people. I aon't scared neither. If folks are comfortable and happy to participate in an illusion, that is fine by me. If the illusion helps them to be better people, cool. And I did not go in there on a cold current either. I used to be a sheep. I know all the rules. I know all the songs. I was sitting in that service respectful. Yeah I didn't pray and you know I didn't give up any protection money but I wasn't obvious with it either. So why in the middle of the service these jokers decide to make a power move on me?

The "Holy Ghost" told the pastor that I needed to come up to the front of the room and be prayed for. Umm... No thank you. And where I was sitting I did not have quick access to the door. If I was going to break out of there, then I would have to get passed a bunch of big people to do it. These jokers had the unmitigated gall to circle around me! The people I came to see started crying and speaking in tongues. Really? Their mother started telling me to stop being rebellious and go up there. NO dammit!!!!

These people are from NJ. They know what a 5%er is and they know how I get down. They knew I was righteous before I arrived. Hell, the best friend was a former Earth! All three of them women were fanatical. The younger ones pointed out that my family were the ones who got them to go to church. Since we were the only family on the block that HAD to go to church every time the door opened. Smelled like a set up.

The pastor had been speaking about a child who was in a coma who woke up in a church service. Even pulled out someones phone to provide proof. Yeah... No. I'm not falling for that foolishness. I am a health care professional. If a parent takes a child in a coma out of the hospital, child welfare will be called. That child was not dressed in a hospital gown, she had on a bunch of clothes. stockings, shoes, barrettes, dress, blouse.... That child made a pit stop before she got to church.This is just a heavy-sleeping child and that's it. The preacher was claiming that he could raise the dead. Come on now.Again, Really?

Finally when asked to speak, I spoke (with a stun gun in my hand!). I said that I used to to be a Christian but wasn't anymore. So there was nothing that these people could say to me that I hadn't already heard. I explained that even with the stupid youtube demo, I wasn't going to believe in resurrection of the dead. I explained that I came to visit my friends, not to be part of their religious experience. I also pointed out that I was sitting there in a respectful fashion not making a scene or distracting from their services and I didn't appreciate their attention. I got a few predictions and threats and then the service was over and I bounced as fast as I could. The pastor asked for my Math so that we could continue to build (my words not his). I'm thinking.... Emphatically Hell No!

This is my gripe.... Why it had to be like that? I could see if I went up into their services all disrespectful and shit. Interrupting and acting out. But I am civilized. I know how to act abroad. I sat there quietly and did the knowledge. These jokers took it upon themselves to strong arm me into there beliefs. How come that's alright? If someone else had done that I could have called the police.

It's gonna be a long time before I go back in another church unless someone is laid up in front of it!



usupreme said...

Put yourself in a lion's den, don't expect not to get mawed. Lol

Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

You are right. But like in a previous post, I expect people who preach love and respect to have some of it themselves.