Thursday, November 12, 2009

Today's Supreme Mathematics: Knowledge Wisdom abbt Understanding

12: Awareness that my actions will be perceived by others

I do this personally every day, but don’t do this every day in my blog. Today I’m feeling particularly contemplative so here’s my 8.

People are always gonna watch you. Doesn’t matter what you do. Even if you don’t leave the house people will take notice of the fact that you don’t leave the house. So what must be done? We must be mindful that the image that we put out there is in line with reality.

Here in the south I have noticed that the native population does not ask appropriate questions. I have no clue why this is. I suppose after living here a few more years the answers will come to me. But right now I have only my observations. Folks look at me and assume I am a Muslim. SMH. I kind of know when folks are thinking that because they will want to show me how informed they are by saying they have Muslim friends or making a comment about Islam, the faith. It always makes me smile and I say, ‘’I’m not Muslim”

Folks own confusion will take over and then they will get their mental minds together to ask me questions regarding my Culture. I have been accused of being the aforementioned Muslim, Black Hebrew, Nuwabian, an A-Rab (a non-NOI Muslim), a Moor and a whole bunch of other things. Being in the south when I say a 5%er, I get strange looks. That’s okay; it’s a moment to Build on who we are and what we teach. Now does this mean that I am proselytizing? Emphatically No. I never have believed in that, even when I was a Bible thumping Christian. People need to come to KOS on their own. But I will stand as a guidepost until they can make their mental recovery.

I ride MARTA with a preacher. I know how he rolls and he knows how I roll. I used to be a devout Christian and know how to interact with the faithful. But I am always mindful to tactfully point out inconsistencies of his comments and beliefs but in a playful manner where he won’t feel attacked. People stop listening to you when they feel attacked. He hears me refer to Nation folk as Gods and Earths. He has come to learn the meaning of what a degree is Ciphers, Supreme Mathematic and Alphabet, Rallies and a plethora of words. Every now and then he will joke and ask me, ‘’How do see today’s Mathematics?” I think (I’m not sure) that this man can come amongst the righteous people and not feel completely out of place. I am aware that he watches me and what I do. I recognize that I am his physical link to Allah’s Nation and more than likely his Understanding of it will come through me. Am I trying to lure him out of the triple stages of darkness? Probably, but I recognize that he is older, strung out on white Jesus and probably not ever going to come in the name. But he can become elevated and more conscious. And just maybe, he may slip and let his children learn a little something about or Culture and who knows? His grand seeds may refer to themselves as God or Earth. You never Know.