Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Coming in the Name

I come in the name is Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth.......Ooooooohhhhhhh! This is gonna be very unpopular. And remember.... I am only speaking from MY perspective. B.U.T. People need to wait on their names.

In Allah’s Nation we choose for ourselves righteous names. A lot of the times the names come directly out of our lessons or they are attributes. Not Islamic names. Not saying Islamic names are never chosen. Allah said that our names should be different from those in the mosques/temples. So there are Gods and Earths walking around with names like Born Understanding Lord Equality Mathematic God Allah or I’Arabia Wise Earthiasia Reflection Embrace Me True Earth. I am exaggerating. Folks be 1:36ing. Where as I advocate righteous names, (here comes my opinion) I just don’t think one should get one until one Knowledges 120, if one is to Knowledge 120. Some Gods do not think it necessary to teach their Earth’s 120. If that’s the case, then said Gods should be the responsible party to draw up his Earth’s name.

Why? Thank you for asking. I find it hard to ask someone to choose a name with just Math and Alphabet on cap. Just as I think it’s ridiculous to have a 17 or 18 year old make decisions then (like choosing a major) that can affect the rest of their lives.

As I travel through 120, and build with other Gods and Earths, I find that I am not completely comfortable with the name I accepted at the beginning of my journey. I didn’t draw the whole name up. My original enlightener did. I accepted it because it was the best of the lot of names he was suggesting. And it’s not that I don’t like it, I do, but maybe there is a name that reflects me better. But I am now used to hearing and answering to my name as I am my given name. I did adjust my name some when I amicably parted with my original enlightener to add on with my current God. I wanted to reflect him more and my place in our Universe.

I was righteous in Build God -Build for a minute. SMH. That God did not believe in teaching Earths 120. I got Math and Alphabet. Not even all the Alphabet. And the righteous name he gave me was my nickname. No that it was an inappropriate or incorrect righteous name, but it was the same name I had always used and kind of still answer to but I felt cheated because I wanted a big ole Earth name! That was silly on my part and is a testimony to why the Nation didn’t stick back then.

But, I’m not advocating that we act as Muslims in the NOI do and add an X to our names until we figure out what name fits. But there should be no shame in saying, “I’m Sally Mae Jenkins and I’m currently working on Actual Facts.” There is however something amiss with this statement…. “My name is George Bush Jackson and I Knowledged 120 in God Build.” Yeah. Not a good look homie.

To put a finish on this post because I can go on and on, and there is no rule that says that you have to draw up a name as soon as you’re eligible. But I will advocate for anyone other than my children (they get righteous names at birth) that I am involved with their curriculum; that they wait until they 1 120 to choose a name. Because then they will have all the information at hand to choose one that most closely reflects their attributes. But again, that's me.



Precise said...

Peace to the Earth,

Good teaching. A good name is better than gold. Kind of cliche yet I bare witness that people get names too quickly for the sake of fitting in. Back in the old days, in many ciphers you couldn't come in the name of Allah until you knowledged 120. Now-a-days heads hear a Wu-Tang or Brand Nubian record and wanna be Bubba Hotep Allah, without knowing a damn thing about Allah's Nation. We have to make sure people know there is order to what and how we do. Nothing wrong with starting over and choosing a new name. As you've already pointed out, there's a lesson in that.