Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Universal Relationships


This month I said I was going o recite 120 everyday. And everyday this month has found me in degrees. I will admit that some days I had so little time that I just read them over from my book of life. That counts. When you read something you already know, you recite them while you read.

As always, when going through these degrees, things jump out at you and you see something new. The things that have been floating through my mental mind are the Solar Facts…

No one usually ever builds on Solar Facts, but all degrees are in fact build-worthy. Usually the planets… not including the Earth… in the lesson set, are used as derogatory comments for women who aren’t acting like Earths. I have heard people refer to women who they consider overbearing as “Jupiter.” And they mean it as an insult. This got me thinking…. I am and have been and will continue to be all of these planets at one or another to various and sundry men.

Follow me on this example….Original men are considered the “Sun” and Original women are “Earth.” The only way the Sun:Earth dynamic is applicable is if they are in a romantic relationship. What about other Original women that have some type of relationship to a Sun? We all have other people we associate with, other than our paramours.

All these attributes are applicable to Serenity: woman, female, widow, girlfriend, daughter, sister, niece, employee, coworker, friend, enemy, customer, stranger etc. The ONLY person that I should have a 93 million mile orbit relationship with, is my man. Should I be rotating around other men with the same mileage? Should my Original male coworker get the same accoutrements as my man? Should my brother, father or uncle? What about my friends? The answer is no.

When I was a child I was Mercury. I was so deeply enamored with the men in my life I would follow them everywhere and believed anything they told me. That’s what little girls do. They keep close to their male caretakers. And they should. Even to this day, if the surviving male relatives want or need me to do something for them, I’m right there. Quick fast and in a hurry.

When I get in a new relationship… I’m Venus. We all are (female and male). We put our best foot forward to strive to impress. That usually translates for women that we take extra effort to appear beautiful to these men and do things we KNOW we aren’t going to do should the relationship take hold and become long term. But just like Venus has the opposite rotation to most of the other planets, we know that that is a dysfunctional, though necessary phase that we all go through. Behaving other than self will not last.

I have already mentioned that I am Earth to my Sun… But occasionally he pisses me off and I drift 49 million miles out and become Mars. Then that shit gets interesting.

I have plenty of nieces and nephews and other smaller people that I mentor. To those people who are dependant on something I have to give, I am Jupiter. Many say that Jupiter is a failed star, but often failure is necessary for you to blossom at your true calling. All mothers and caretakers are Jupiter.

To my good friends, I’m Saturn. There is not a person on Earth who knows everything about me. My family knows a lot of who I am, but they don’t know everything. The God doesn’t know everything either. I learned a long time ago to keep parts of myself from certain people. The people with whom I share a Cipher, know the least about me in the scope of friendships. I only tell people what they need to know for a given situation. And that is Saturn… A mysterious planet. I don’t set out to be mysterious but I find it happens.

As I carry out this metaphor, I hope you notice that the further away from the sun, the cooler the relationships get.

To people I strongly dislike, I’m Uranus. Uranus appears to have a crazy rotation. That planet appears to “roll” on it’s axis rather than “spin.” It also orbits the opposite directions of all the other planets. Does not that describe the relation between people who don’t like each other? You can only be enemies with people you once had friendships. Remove the “R” from friend and you get “fiend.” There is nothing wrong with the planet Uranus itself. It is comfortable in it’s own orbit and it does what it does for itself. But to outsiders it’s different and conflict arises from different.

To people who are essentially strangers, yet I have regular dealings I am Neptune. Neptune is still a gas giant so it’s a significant relationship. They Know who I am by name but rarely much more. Employers tend to be people you have that relationship with, but they don’t actually know who you really are as a person. The gas giant comes into play because I am completely dependent on my employer for money as he dependant on me for the work I do. Employers know the work you. My boss has never heard how I actually speak when I am relaxed, because I never relax around him. My work voice is so different than my personal voice, when someone calls me at work they don’t believe it’s me. I have a whole set of things that are specifically set aside for the job. I have “work” clothes vs. at home clothes. We all do. My boss knows who I am Monday-Thursday from 7:30 to 5. That’s it. No more. There is no level of mystery to our relationship because I don’t care that much and neither does he. I want my paycheck, and he wants the profession. Does either of us care how the other one is feeling? Only so much that it affects the job or on my side the paycheck.

A Pluto relationship is reserved for strangers. And that is right and exact. If I don’t know you, I don’t need to be close to you. Well serenity, how can “strangers” be considered part of your Universe? They can and can’t. People that you ride the buss with, people you work on the same floor but don’t know their names, people that you see everyday but you don’t know. Those people are still part of your Relationship Universe. And they may not even see you as a planet as Pluto isn’t considered a planet currently to the scientific community.

So there you have it. I am rotating all over the Universe in different relationships with different men. It’s is as it should be… as it always is.