Friday, May 2, 2014

I'm Grown


I’m Grown.

Now I recognize that I need to define the word “Grown.” Yes it is a common word, but clearly every one doesn’t use it the same way I use it. My definition of grown is a sentient adult who is capable and actually is making their own decisions. A grown person makes their own choices for whatever reason and accepts the consequences of said decisions/choices. A grown person handles their own business and doesn’t rely on others to do what they are supposed to be doing.

Example: If a Grown person cannot afford to take a vacation then they don’t. They don’t ask another to foot the bill. Another Example: If a person (willingly) does something foul and negativity results… they accept it without complaint. That’s being Grown….

Grown people get to do as they please and will always accept the consequences of their actions.

Grown people know how to mind their own business.

Grown people handle their OWN business

Grown people know their own flaws and CHOOSE to either work on them or leave them where they are.

Notice... I have not said that Grown people are nice people. Being nice is a choice. And Grown people get to make their own choices.

Grown people don’t cry over negative results of choices they make.

If you aren’t doing the above… you are not Grown. And if you aren’t Grown you are a sniveling baby who must be taken care of by another. Now if that is your aspiration it’s your choice, enjoy. But don’t get salty when other grown people disregard you. There is no reason to show regard to a baby.

Now… I have a God whom I respect. We have a functional partnership. Sometimes he asks me to do something and I acquiesce. That does not make me less Grown. When he asks me to do something, he always gives me information (Knowledge) and a reason (Wisdom) so that I can make a decision based on Understanding. I do a lot of what my God asks. But that is a choice that I make to do this. I am not being forced or reduced to a sniveling baby. Because I’m Grown.