Thursday, May 1, 2014

Raising the Rod 2014


It's may and in my tree we have a tradition called "Raising the Rod." I thought I had built on this before in this blog.... but it was another one. I have a bunch of blogs all over the interwebs, it's hard to keep track of where I put everything. So I am going to post that Build on this site.


Peace Good People!

All of y'all that's following my journey, and I appreciate it, not one of y'all have asked, "Serenity what is Raising the Rod?" What? Y'all already know? Well, for those of you who don't know, meet Precise Infinite Peace Allah.... My Educator and my God. Since I got this from him and he got it from his Educator and so on and so on..... From my perspective he is the best knower of what and how we do. Precise.....

Peace to the Nation of Gods and Earths and all the positive people of the universe.

I come in the righteous name of Precise Infinite Peace Allah and I've been asked by the Earth to share a little with you about the tradition of "Raising the Rod." Raising the Rod is a tradition which has it's origins in our nation all the way back to when Allah was sent to Matteawan State Hospital, circa 1965-1967. While there, Allah had a particular dream one night and from that dream he drew up the determined idea of instituting restraint and discipline among his young Gods so they could better maintain functional relationships with their women. He drew up the dream to be a symbol of deception and therefore petitioned his young Gods to fast from females during the month of May, females who they were not "married to in the mind."

Through the years the tradition of Raising the Rod has developed into abstaining from more than just women. It has become a time of abstinence from anything which might be deemed excessive by the individual, very much like how Muslims engage in their annual religious time of fasting called "Ramadan." I don't know this as an actual fact but if I were a betting man I'd put money on First Born Prince having something to do with the expansion of the tradition. He was proficient at drawing up the best part.

Ever since I began walking through 120 with my educator I've observed the tradition. I've never abstained from women while Raising the Rod because the women I've been with have all been my Earth. Serenity is no exception. In this regard the original intent of the tradition has been of little importance to me and had I been around, in Allah's Day, I probably wouldn't have even observed the tradition if things were the same for me as they are currently.

In the here and now though I totally embrace Raising the Rod. It's a time of year in which I focus on showing and proving to self who the Master is. Things I fast from during the month of Master Allah Why are food (I usually begin the month with a Master Cleanser fast), Television, Radio and even casual interaction with people. Raising the Rod is "me time," a time for internalizing, and it's very much about letting things go so I can take on and take in new things.

What about the females? I've never heard of any women so-called "Raising the Rod." It has traditionally been a "God" thing and a female with a Rod isn't a female at all.... ha ha. I feel for the females though who'd like a similar tradition for their own personal edification. If my daughter, sister or Earth came to me and told me they were falling victim to the Divine I See King, I'd be the first one to tell them to fast from it. I ain't had no dreams about this like Allah did so I'll just shoot from the hip (like I normally do). A cool name for a tradition based on the Queens & Earths doing their thing would be something like "14,000,000 mile Journey," "Traveling the desert," or "Equality Observance" (all symbolic to the Equality degree of the Actual Facts). Tell your friends you heard it from the God Precise first..........

I've purposefully left out some details of Raising the Rod because it is a tradition in my tree. For this reason alone, I only pass on the story in its entirety to my fruit. If you want to know more you'll have to search for it. It's out there. The fundamentals are here though and the next time you hear of "Raising the Rod," you'll have a better idea of what's being discussed.


My personal Cee on RtR, for me as a woman and Earth, is that this is an opportunity for me to become a better person via encouraging positive habits and pruning away bad ones. A mental and possible physical Spring cleaning. So.... What I am going to labor to do is.....

1. Daily recitation of 120
2. Gut healing practices.

When going through 120, I used to recite the degrees I had every day. I noticed that when I moved on to a different lesson set the previous ones got murky. I wanted (and still want) to be sharp with my degrees. Once I earned my flag, I'd still recite them but just not every day. Now I will go through them right before the Parliaments or on road trips. That's not Peace. I can still quote my degrees, but pulling them up at a finger snap is not so easy.

Also having 120 is just not about the ability to recite. When I take my trip from Knowledge to Pluto, something always jumps out at me that I need. To only go through this once a month keeps me from those 'epiphanic' moments that make me a better person. Time to get on the good foot.

I suffer from chronic conditions (iron anemia, eczema) that are both at the same time linked to bad intestinal flora (Leaky gut syndrome). It's important to approach a condition at the root rather than just managing the symptoms. Most people only care about the symptoms; consequently that's why that is the only thing that gets attention. My father used to have stomach issues, but his manifested differently and I never really thought that we shared this condition. We had different symptoms. My brother had gastric bypass and found that he had the same condition my Daddy had. Which would stand to reason that I also have it. I refuse to be tested. That medical database is real. Since I am a doctor, I feel comfortable in self management and monitoring of the condition. So here is the plan.... I will will limit my consumption of gluten, caffeine, chocolate (not cool) and sugar. Restrictions alone won't allow my body to heal herself. My plan also includes supplementation with intestinal healers like slippery elm and aloe vera. Also I'll strive to improve the flora with Kombucha and other probiotics. The goal is to have optimally functional intestines that take up iron and keep their contents.

Healing of my eczema won't be noticable before next winter, but I'll be able to test my blood to see if my iron uptake has improved come June