Monday, April 25, 2011

Who Loves You Baby!

Peace Y’all

In the early morning and in the evening, I see people commuting back and forth to work. At least half the people I see are wearing scrubs. I work in a doctor’s office. So this has caused me to ponder said phenomenon. There are lessons everywhere.

I can say that since I am commuting to my job in a health center that other folks are too. I shouldn’t be surprised to see this. And there is some truth in that. But explain when I vary my commute and still see plenty of people leaving/going to their jobs dressed in the healthcare uniform? My cee on it, is we have become our own industry.

The US doesn’t have any big industry anymore. Now a days, everything is sent out. Just call customer service hotline and see who answers. Look at the bottom of your product to see where they are made or assembled. And ask yourself, when was the last time you purchased an American car….Don’t through up the argument that American made products are shitty. That’s not the point of this build.

Since we don’t make anything here anymore, and we really don’t have big vacation income coming in, in order for our citizens to work, we need to work on each other. Meaning, the health industry is HUGE, because it’s one of the only industries that we have. The government is invested in seeing that we remain unhealthy.

Look at your food. Do you consume fast foods, canned foods, pre-packaged foods for the majority of your diet and on the regular (hoping that wasn’t too redundant)? Do you participate in unhealthy behaviors? Do you watch a lot of TV? Do you not exercise or exercise to excess? Are you buying into the okeydoke?

You think I’m crazy. Okay. You are titled to your own opinion. But consider this… It is illegal in GA for a midwife to attend a mother outside a regulated facility. Oh you can have your baby at home, you just won’t have any help. And you won’t be able to get a birth certificate or SSN. And that may be cool right up until you want to claim them on your taxes or send them to public school. Most states are moving to this; pushing midwifery out of business. Did you know midwives charge like $3K for everything? Prenatals and birth. That’s the total price. And were you aware that in most hospitals expect your copay for having a baby up front? Way before you ever go into labor. Did you know most schools want SSNs for your babies to enroll? Were you aware that schools feel like they will feed your children better than you can and will go to lengths up to not allowing you to pack your child’s lunch? Do you know that thousands of children die from vaccinations every year? And even knowing this, schools will not allow unvaccinated children to attend? Did you know that nearly everything in this country has genetically modified corn in it? Corn is the majority crop that this country produces. The government buys the surplus and still pays farmers to not produce? They have to do something with all that damn corn.

This country cannot invest in making its citizens healthy because if they do, they will lose another industry. This is why the insurance companies went ape shit when your president fought to push through a universal health care plan. Have you ever noticed that the people in the countries with universal healthcare tend to be healthier than people here? That’s just not because they have this fabulous unlimited access. People are still people and some folks shun the doctor’s office. Their government has a vested interest in making sure it’s population is healthy so they don’t have to pay anything. And they are! Their government doesn’t allow genetically modified foods, they walk more, they have less pollution, and so on.

I say all this so that you will open your eyes and see for your own self that the government can only be trusted to safeguard its own interests. Individual citizens do not qualify. It is not impossible for this country to adopt a fabulous universal healthcare program. But there is no money in it. Everyday I hear someone say to us that we shouldn’t treat them for anything the insurance doesn’t allow. Like the insurance is a group of doctors designated to treat them. They aren’t. They are business people looking to receive your premiums and not pay any claims.

The bottom line is you are responsible for doing the Knowledge for self to make sure that you stay healthy for as long as you choose. Especially in this wilderness.