Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Guaranteed Past

I decided to do my build on Earth Day a day early. Right now I’m vertical at work, but tomorrow I will be horizontal in the bed since I’m sick! But I will myself to heal, so I’ll be alright.

Earth Day is nearly as old as our Nation. It’s been observed for 41 years this Friday. It’s not a floating observance. It’s always The Wisdom Wisdom Day of April.

The Wisdom Wisdom degree of the “Meat” (I have been wanting to use that turn of phrase), describes how Yacub was sparked into ‘creating’ the devil. How he ‘discovered’ magnetism the same way Columbus ‘discovered’ North America in the Understanding degree of the 1:14. It’s not that other folks had no Knowledge of magnetism. Yacub didn’t. The term ‘discovered’ doesn’t quite mean what most of us thinks it means. Discovered in these degrees means not identifying new information that was unknown or non-existent before, but identifying new information that is new to you. You know, a used car is not a new car, but it is to the new owner.

The way this ties in with Earth Day comes from my personal ‘discovery’ that everything that is done is predicated on what come before. While getting seedlings together for my garden, I was thinking abstractly that seeds come from previous mature plants. They don’t spookily come from nothing. Then I traveled in thought that even Knowledge comes from previous incarnations of Knowledge. Someone must teach you what they know in order for you to learn. You put your own stank on the Knowledge and pass it on. Take a newborn baby and sit him in a vacant room. (Ignore the fact that in this analogy the child will die from starvation.) What will the child learn? It will just learn the nature of the room that was previously prepared for him. In order for us to learn, to do, to master, to grow, we must build from what has already occurred.

So everything that exists on Earth, possibly even the Earth itself came from something previously. So the Born degree of the 1:10 is correct (as I learn they all are). The Nation of Islam has no beginning or ending. It couldn’t possibly for anything to exist. Infinity goes both forward and backwards. Words, ways and actions leads to words, ways and actions.

Getting back to a more practical build… So what words, ways and actions are we putting in place for those who are coming after us? Are we leaving the planet in a state where they can have healthy lives? Are we teaching them to be self sustainable? Are we teaching them everything that we know how to do? You never know what it will come in handy. I’m certain my paternal grandmother didn’t teach my father to sew so that he could have a career in fashion. He didn’t, btw. But I was able to learn from him. Are we doing anything to give the babies a future boost?