Thursday, April 16, 2009

Serenity's Guide to Style...

I know I said I was done with this topic, but clearly it is still weighing on my mind. Every Earth does ¾ differently. That is strictly between that Earth and her God. And since this is a self styled Nation and we all got our own thing going on, I have decided to share what my “3/4” is. I’m certain my God will add on.

First I want to define what it means to me and why I observe it. (1) I am Earth; therefore, I imitate the planet. As the planet is covered ¾ with water, so I shall cover my planet (body) ¾ with clothing. (2) Modesty. (3) ¾ is a display of how I divide my Understanding by this Culture. Meaning how I display this Culture is based on my Understanding. Onto my personal rules…..

There are rules that I have that I have always had. I keep the goodies covered. Though some of the goodies aggressively show themselves no matter what I do so I give them their space.
Nothing tight. Tight is in the eye of the beholder. This eye says that if the clothes make you feel like a sausage then they are too tight. I call that sausage-ism. If you constantly have to pull up or down anything guess what? Too tight. But if you can comfortable exist in your clothing all day long, then that’s peace.

This is completely a Serenity thing… I don’t wear pants for the most part. I don’t think I have the body for pants, and I don’t like how men looked at me when I had them on. When I do wear them it’s because I’m working out or outside, so I’m a leave this one alone.

No skirts above the knee. There are plenty of reasons why this is a Serenity Rule. First of all…. I don’t like my knees. Secondly, its not age appropriate for me. I’m looking 40 in the nose! And thirdly, if a skirt is at or above you knees, when you sit or bend down it will really hike up and give the people a show.

Most of my skirts are long with varying levels of “form-fittedness”. But again nothing that makes me uncomfortable or ashamed. If I should wear a skirt that is closer to the knee, but will accommodate me bending or sitting, then I will wear a sleeve length that comes to at least mid upper arm and a headwrap.

I consider tall boots as a leg covering and add it to my calculation.

I have no problem with sleeveless tops. But I will wear a long skirt with them and a headwrap.

I know that we are not required to wear headwraps as long as everything else is covered ¾. But I have gotten comfortable with the wrap and will probably have one on for the next minute. And frankly, I don’t see me coming out of it unless my hair starts to complain. When my locs get a little longer, I may allow them to creep out of the wrap.

I will admit to wearing a lot more closer-to-the-knee-skirts in the winter. That’s because the sleeves go down to the wrist and there are always tall boots.

I consider ¾ as the starting point and not the entire goal. For example as I write this, I have an ankle length full skirt, a turtleneck, tall boats, a jacket and a headwrap. Only my face and hands are exposed. I’m probably closer to 7/8 than ¾. And that’s okay with me.

This is a pet peeve of mine…. Undergarments should not be seen from the outside of your clothes. If you are dark and wear a white bra (and vice versa), folks can see that through a lot of tops. STOP THAT! They make bras in various colors. And if you can’t find one that won’t show through you clothes, then wear a camisole. That is what they are there for. And never underestimate the value of a slip. I know this is me getting old. I used to couldn’t stand or understand slips. But everybody does not need to know what the shape of my leg looks like.

No chemicals in the hair. I had already given up the perms, but as I get older, the desire to color my hair is becoming stronger. Coloring, for the most part, is chemicals. Henna seems like a good option because it’s natural, but it doesn’t come in the shade I want (Jet Black) and stylists don’t really know how to apply it correctly. Non-Nation folks be like, “Why even bother? You wear a headwrap!” But that is that simple thinking that folks do. I don’t do this for others. I take care of myself for me! When I look in the mirror I NEED to be satisfied with what I see.

The last thing I’m a discuss is the saddest and most missed…. No Makeup. **sniff** I’m a leave this alone. I still ain’t strong enough to talk about giving up this one. It’s still tender…..

This is a question I have….. Why is it there are no rules for the Gods? Why I gotta see their drawers when they not my God? Why do they wear these intensely baggy clothing looking like they playing dress up in their Father’s clothes? Or these intensely tight pants that squeeze the jewels and allow no air up and through? How are you going to build a Nation if your swimmers are defective?

I am not advocating restrictive rules and dogma. One of the things I love about this Nation is the way we are each allowed to manifest the lessons for ourselves. I’m just one Earth sharing how she doeseth her thang.



Divine said...

Peace! Good post. In living this culture it is very important not to see the 3/4ths as a limitation, but as a guide. The elder earths created this 'rule' as a style so as not to confuse us w/ muslim sistas, rasta sistas, etc. It makes us beautiful in our own right.

Also, I'm not a makeup wearer b.u.t I've seen some real good natural makeup (no swine, no beetle ink, etc) in stores like Whole Foods, and on the internet. One of the main reasons makeup was/is spoken against was because much of commercial cosmetics are full of swine and other animal by-products, also many sistas have started to use makeup as a coverup more so than an enhancer of their beauty.

As an Earth, I love seeing us look our best, however we see OUR best as.

Divine IZ Earth, reflecting the light of Knowledge Said Allah