Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Ownself: The Frugal Fashionista

A friend of mine bet me that I could not refrain from shopping for clothes for 1 year. Want more information, check out her myspace page. I started in September 2008. I have not violated the challenge at all... And it ain't been easy! I shop. I could do it for a living. The God just recently called my closet a department store. I'm gonna assume he was playing with me. But not shopping retail does not mean that I cannot acquire new clothes. I just have to be creative about it.

Yesterday I got bitten by the Spring bug. You know the feeling.... All the fashion magazines are showing the new trends. All the lovely shoes and purses (which btw can be purchased)... the sundresses.... maxidresses..... scarves..... glasses.... What was I writing about? Oh yeah. sorry about that. I went to lennox Mall. Yeah baby! Though not for the reasons you think. I sew. I wanted to be inspired. Can you think of better inspiration than Neiman's, Norstrom's and Bloomie's?

Afterward, I went to GoodWill. I was looking for items I could take apart and reuse. It's cheaper than going to the fabric stores. You can use the buttons and zippers from the clothes too. I sew from eye to hand rather than from a pattern. I will buy clothes to use for the reference. I had a list of the articles I was expecting to find. I found an ass of designer clothes. DAMN. DKNY, Moschino, J.Crew and a lot of other designer labels. And I was in a hood GoodWill.

I am not a GoodWill virgin. Damn near everything in my home is resurrected. I ain't shamed. but my body is different. When I walk out of my house, it is my goal to be one of the best dressed people in any cipher I enter. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm beaughoisie. Don't hate. But maybe the time has come to re-think the "Mall" policy. By the time spring fever has run its course, I will be looking foward to buying more sweaters and boots. My challenge will be complete. So I will be free to return to my beloved malls and share my hard earned money. After all, it's good for the economy. Maybe..... Maybe not. We shall see.