Tuesday, November 25, 2008

10* 1-14

"10) Why does Muhammad and any Muslim murder the Devil? What is the duty of each Muslim in regards to four Devils? What reward does a Muslim receive by having and presenting the four Devils at one time?
Because the Devil is 100% weak and wicked and will not keep and obey the laws of Islam. His ways and actions are like those of a snake of the grafted type. So Muhammad learned that he could not reform the Devil, so they had to be murdered, because they know that he is a snake and if he was allowed to live he would only sting someone else. Each Muslim was required to bring in four Devils and by having and presenting the four devils at one time his reward was a button to wear on the lapel of his coat, also free transportation to the Holy City of Mecca to see their brother Muhammad."

This is a very scary degree for folks that look in the windows of this Nation. People sans 3. But the term ‘devil’ doesn’t have to literally mean the colored man. The devil is 100% weak and wicked. And if we are honest we all have ways and actions that aren’t 100% righteous. Those w’s and a’s are devilshment and now is the time to end that foolishness.

I can only speak for this Earth. I have devils within. I have a huge problem with anger. I have a friend who says that's not unusual for a Scorpio. Most of my life’s troubles can be traced to anger. 4 qualities that make up my anger’s process is (1) impulsiveness (2) seething (3) grudge holding and (4) planning.

Do something to me to incite anger and you will not witness a pretty scene. My life’s experiences has taught me that allowing my anger to explode and acting on that never yields the results that I’m looking for and often causes more problems. Think of children that throw tantrums. Those children are angry, but what does that expression get them? Punishment. I learned early on to channel my anger so that I could receive maximum satisfaction from it. I must admit sometimes I can be impulsive and do the 1st evil thing to reciprocate the devilshment. Yes I feel vindicated, but often I’ll get angry at self later because there might have been a more ruthless alternative that I overlooked.

I also seethe in anger. I have sat in unoccupied rooms alone causing premature wrinkling due to anger. I’m certain on those occasions I have damaged vasculature being angry like that. I don’t always sit, though. I remember being so angry with my father that while preparing food for myself and my then fiancĂ©, that I accidentally cut through my hand and bled all over the meal I was preparing. My then fiancĂ© came in the kitchen looked over my shoulder and quietly and easily moved me away from the counter. I was sooooo spaced out that I didn’t feel the injury.

There are still people that wronged me in childhood, if these said people stepped in front of my car, I wouldn’t brake. I am well aware that is not right and exact. I'm working on it. To me the planning is the worst and last stage. If it gets this far, the other party is going to have a problem. I have never been able to put the brakes on my anger once it gets that far. I will need intervention at this juncture to prevent me actually realizing my goal for foolishness. Not many are bold enough to step to me at this point. Only person that consistently can see all the deviousness signs is my Old Earth. And we no longer live close to each other. She relies on intuition. Her accuracy is eerie.

Example… And this is personal… Don’t judge me…. Just 1 the example…. An ex cheated on me and knock up some child. I say child but she was technically legal. Anywho… trying not to add on emotions…. He tells me this on the phone. We had been in a relationship for a total of 9 years, though not sequential. He knew better than to present himself and this information at the same time in the physical. I made a few a jokes and assured him all would be well. Not with us, just him and his situation. After a good night’s sleep (and it was good) I awoke angry. I bypassed the seething stage. This was full blown planning. I supposed I seethed in my sleep. After a few playful calls and emails (from him, not me), I was on my way to his home wearing a black outfit with a brick and a golf club on the passenger seat. For the life of me I don’t remember how I got to this point. I needed intervention. My mother called repeatedly on the cell but I knew better than to speak with her. I was on a mission. Then, my tire blew. That epiphany and/or intervention and triple A turned me around and put me back at home where I needed to be. The ex didn’t get off so easily. His mother was visiting from out of state for a party he was giving on Labor Day of that year. I was invited but I decided against attending. I said that we had dated for 9 years, I knew this man’s proclivities as well as his social security number, date of birth and address. I had his lights and water cut off. Knowing full well that he would not be able to get them cut back on until after the holiday. I’m not proud. But satisfied.

Now… If I could kill these 4 aspects of my anger at one time can you imagine the peace that would reign in my cipher? Not just for me, but for anyone that passes through. I’m talking about complete control and banishment of these devils. Never to be triggered again. To never hurt another. Another reason why I wait to bare fruit. I would hate to get angry at or with them. The button on my lapel could be the countenance on my face and the peace that pervades my being. Everyone could cee it. And I could exist in a blissful place such as Muhammad’s presence. And do you notice that the lesson says nothing about returning from Mecca.




Olu Graphic Designs said...

this was a wonderful explanation and thanks for being so open, here is what has helped me with anger:
There are specific exercises you can do to use your breathing to help you relax.
this is effective when you are in the midst of the situation:

Here is an exercise called square breathing.

1. Breathe in deep and count to four.
2. At the top of your breath, hold it and count to four.
3. Breathe out and count to four.
4. At the bottom of your breath, count to four before breathing in again
5. Breathe back in and count to four. (Repeat)

this is when you have time alone:
he most basic of all meditations consists of observing one's train of thoughts. Before one can control a thing, one must become aware of a thing. So one seeks to distinguish between the consciousness and what occupies it. Meditations of this type come in many forms. One of the most basic is the cycles of 10 breathing meditation. This one finds this the
most useful beginner's meditation.

One simply sits in a comfortable position (but not too comfortable you do not wish to sleep), and breaths in and out at a normal pace, and that constitutes a count of one. Continue to count until you reach 10 sets of breathing in and breathing out. Then start the next set as one. If you lose count, or find yourself counting 11 or 12, simply start again with one and try to stop at 10 during the next cycle.

I would suggest you try to do this for at least five minutes to start. Continue for the whole five minutes, even if you lose count. For normal human breathing this should consist of about 11 to 13 cycles of 10. Once you can easily do each cycle without flaw, add more cycles. You may add as many as you wish, but if you find yourself easily finishing 75 or more cycles you may wish to consider moving on to a more difficult exercise.

When you start this you may find your mind a raging torrent of unruly thoughts, or you may find yourself worrying about the days events. When this happens simply acknowledge you have lost track and begin again. In doing this you will become aware of what fills your mind during your waking hours.