Friday, November 21, 2008

Today's Mathematics: Wisdom Knowledge abbt Understanding

Wisdom is wise words (or actions) spoken by the Black man Woman and child. Knowledge is the foundation of everything in existence. Understanding is a clearly drawn picture in one’s mind using knowledge and wisdom.

I am so tired of people besmirching Barack Obama. The man has not even been inaugurated. I see it in every group that I come in contact with. I expect more from the conscious and righteous community. I find it all incredibly annoying. I hear “Barack Obama is and Uncle Tom”, or, “Barack Obama is no different than any other president because he was put in place by the ‘powers that be’”. Here is my favorite stupid @$$ed question…. “What is going to do for Black people?”

Barack Obama has done all he is supposed to for Black people. He got elected. Case Closed. We are square.

Read this excerpt from Wikipedia….
“The President of the United States is the head of state and head of government of the United States and is the highest political official in United States by influence and recognition. The President leads the executive branch of the federal government; his or her role is to enforce national law as given in the Constitution and written by Congress.”

I invite y’all to peruse the entire article and the constitution before y’all keep talking no speaking this bull. (Talking implies you understand what you’re talking about. Speaking is just uttering sounds.) The job description of the President of the United States says nothing about hooking Black folks up. What happens to the person who works at Macy’s or Burger King or any damn place that gives his friends the hook up? That employee gets fired. I’ve seen the hooker upper get in legal trouble depending on the level of the hook up. Is that what you want from/for our new Black president? You want him to lose his job because he tried to us Black folks a solid? What kind of person wants to put another person in that predicament? Where is all that ‘Black love’ here? No other president has been faced with these foolish expectations. Why Obama? Oh I forgot. Because he has to prove that he’s Black enough. Clearly y’all not drawing this up properly.

This is just an example of the folly of putting wisdom before knowledge. It will lead to misunderstanding. But done correctly 1 + 2 will born 3/understanding.