Friday, August 4, 2017

Today's Supreme Mathematics: Culture


I’ve been working a new job since November. I suppose I shouldn’t call it a ‘new’ job, but it feels that way. I already know that I won’t be staying here for a long time… But it is what it is. This is not the kind of job that will give me a sound retirement. And I’ve reached the point of my life where that becomes more and more important.

But what happens at this Justice is…. My Ethiopian boss is obsessed with my lifestyle. When he hired me, my head was covered. I didn’t bring it up and he didn’t bring it up. He assumed I was a Muslim and I didn’t correct him. This went on for a few months until a patient asked me about some Muslim thing. I looked confused and said, “I’m not a Muslim.” My boss heard it and said. “You have to be.” I asked him why? He said because you cover your hair. I said that other Cultures cover heads, no just Muslims. That shit blew his mind.

He comes back and mentions that he could not think of any other religion outside of Christianity, Islam and Judaism. How is this my problem? I countered by naming over 15. He was floored, and I don’t know why. Was he surprised because I knew something he didn’t or because or that I dared to be other than what was familiar to him. As a grown assed, educated, traveled man he had to know that there was more than just what he has personally experienced. he's a Catholic who hasn't been to church since his daughter was baptized. Anywho….

Over and over and over and over…. He keeps challenging me with Christianity. Telling me that I can’t be a good person if I’m not a Christian. This shit is driving me crazy. I keep telling him that this isn’t appropriate conversation for him to be having with me at work. That this country allows certain freedoms. But still he goes on and on.

I’ve said all this to say…. I’m a walking, talking representative of Allah’s Culture. Clearly I’m different. I only wear dresses and yes my dresses are long. I cover my head. I don’t perm my hair. And I don’t discuss why I’m different with folks unless I Cee that they are open to calm dialogue. I’m set. I’ve been a Christian and I’m not going back. So there needs to be no discussion. I’m not casting pearls before swine. So if I don’t Cee you to be a viable candidate for our Culture, I’m not going through the pain to introduce you. (I know…. Our duty is to the uncivilized) But I’m not about to have a unnecessary discussion that can lead to that can lead to unemployment.

Also I consider, that I people will judge the Culture that I don’t discuss, by me… interactions, how I carry myself and so on. I get that. And In that getting I strive to be the best Earth that people unfamiliar with Allah’s 5% will ever meet.