Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The Love of Money


I know it's been awhile. Life has been happening on an exponential level. And where I'm firmly grounded in my own Cipher.... It hasn't been easy.

What prompted this Build, is other people.... and how they Cee life.

I mentioned that I lost the job I had for 13 years. It was a surprise, but I weathered it. I saw it as an opportunity to take the devil off the last available part of my planet. I have already put my life in an order to where I don't live with devils, or socialize with devils. I basically only came into contact with them when I was working. But when that went away.... I saw my opportunity to change that situation. So I currently work for a Black man (he calls himself Black) from Ethiopia. Which is technically part of the "cradle of civilization." I saw an opportunity to reconnect with a part that I had never experienced...


My new boss is not much different from my old boss. The color of their skin is different, but their world view is similar. And their world view is similar to so many folks world view.... Money or the acquisition of wealth.

I like money as much as the next person. But I Cee money for what it is... a way to finance my desires. I earn it. I don't worship it. But many people don't see money in the same way. My boss for example.... he has two jobs making a VERY comfortable income on his own. In addition to his money, his wife is a pharmacist. The two of them are not hurting for money. But that is all they do. Make money. I have asked them what they do for fun. Neither of them have fun. They don't read books. They don't travel unless they have to. They have no extra curricular activities. They are even hard pressed to tell me what they enjoy. Now they may be just bullshitting me... But they aren't shy about asking me a ton of personal questions about what I enjoy and my lifestyle. So that would have me conclude is their sole purpose in life is to acquire wealth and possessions.

That sounds like hoarding to me. If your goal in life is to only have shit, then you're a hoarder. If your aren't going to use or enjoy the shit you rack up then why earn it? Some people like to work and work so they have millions in the bank. I'm not here to tell you what you should be enjoying. If looking at a fat assed bank account every month gives you wood, then get at it! But I don't think that's accurate for most people.

Money is a means to something else. I often make the joke that I work for cable. I love cable television and I need a nice TV to watch it on and a comfortable space to enjoy. That's true! But I also work because I like not having to worry about bills. I work because I like to have have nice clothes. I like to to travel. I like to learn new things and take classes. I will take a class, that I have to pay for, for no other reason but I enjoy the content. There is a bunch of shit I like to do. And I need money for that. So I'm clear why I work. But other folks want and want, but don't have a plan outside the cash how to achieve their goal. Example: Say, you want a house. How are you going to get one? are you going to work and save up a couple of hundred thousand dollars and buy a house? If that's your plan, then get Jamaican with your work because you're going to need to. But if you plan to get a mortgage.... Do you know how? Have you done the research? Do you already know what the house will cost? Where you want it? How do mortgages work? What else is involved? Maybe a house is too big for folks to comprehend. A car isn't. so are you going to buy your car outright? Or are you just putting money aside forever and eventually something will happen to allow you to purchase a car. Sounds crazy doesn't it. It is. And that's the point I'm making. People want money. But when I ask for what? They don't have any real answer. I suppose just to have it. But money will not fix all your problems. If you contract an incurable condition... Money won't stop you from dying. yes you will have a nice funeral but dead is dead. Eddie Long went out like a champ. But his wife now has all his money. You can't take it with you.

Money is an illusion. There are a ton of apocalyptic movies out there, where devils actually tell you you're money is just paper. And the federal government will print more money as they deem necessary. If a nuclear bomb drops on Washington D.C. and destroys the US, providing you live, all the money you have been working for won't get you shit. Because it will be gone. Literally. Money is a government backed concept so when the government goes... your money goes with it. Should that happen, what do you have to fall back on? What would you do for fun? How would you support yourself? Where is the pleasure in the acquisition of wealth then?

I'm not saying don't work. But I am saying the work ain't the end all be all. Make sure there is plenty in your life that you enjoy. Because is what makes life worth living!